Your Lingerie Photoshoot Morning Guide

On the morning of your lingerie photoshoot, it can be easy to get overwhelmed! Follow these 8 steps for a fun, flawless, stress-free morning!


Eat Breakfast

For lots of ladies, one of their biggest concerns about their physical appearance is their stomach area. In order to feel more confident, they opt to skip breakfast on the day of their lingerie photoshoot. Not only will this make no difference on your figure, it will actually be detrimental to your lingerie photoshoot. You will be hungry, and your energy will be down. For an ideal experience, have a light breakfast before you arrive at our studio.


Avoid Dark Liquids

If coffee is a necessary part of your morning routine, make sure to drink it early! After you get your fix, brush your teeth and then avoid any dark liquids until after your lingerie photoshoot. They can stain your teeth, leaving them to appear yellow and darkened in your boudoir photos. Although we do allow our clients to bring wine to our studio to sip on, skip the red wine and stick with white for pearly white teeth!


Remove Tags

As anyone who has shopped at Victoria’s Secret knows, lingerie companies often put large tags into sheer, delicate lingerie. Before your lingerie photoshoot, make sure to remove these tags. Nothing ruins a perfect lingerie photo like a huge, obvious tag. If you aren’t sure if you’re going to keep all of the lingerie you purchased, feel free to wait until you arrive at our studio to remove the tags. We have scissors available for you to trim the price tags and labels!



In our “How To Prepare” guide, we mention to avoid moisturizing your face the morning of your lingerie photoshoot. Products with SPF cause the light to reflect differently, and moisturizer on your face can have an adverse effect on the effectiveness and longevity of your makeup. However, lotion can and should be applied to the rest of your body! Make sure to skip any lotions with glitter or shimmer; they can give the appearance of white spots on your skin during your lingerie photoshoot.


Grab A Straw

Being the focus of a lingerie photoshoot is hard work! Sometimes it can make you thirsty. As soon as you are finished getting glammed up, make sure to grab a straw. No matter what you are drinking, a straw can help keep your lipstick from being smeared or removed by a glass or bottle.


Take A Selfie

You’re gorgeous and glam; why not take a selfie? We have a designated selfie station in our changing room for you to snap the perfect photo for Instagram! This way you can show off your stunning look. Remember: we do request that phones be left in the changing room for an ideal lingerie photography experience, so make sure to take your selfie before we begin.


Use The Restroom

It can be hard to feel sexy when you are anxious to use the restroom! Make sure to visit our private bathroom before we begin your lingerie photoshoot so you can focus on looking and feeling fabulous.


Take A Minute

and relax! Your lingerie photoshoot is a fun, empowering experience. Make sure to take a minute to relax and enjoy being glammed up. Whether you want to just sit for a minute or if you want to jump right in to your photography time, make sure you enjoy your time with us.


What would you recommend someone do on the morning of their lingerie photoshoot?


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