Warwick Boudoir Photography Testimonial | Miss S | Huge Fan

Being such a huge fan of boudoir photography even before shooting with Warwick Boudoir, you could say I was EXTREMELY excited going into it…could be a slight understatement! Having seen Warwick Boudoir’s photos beforehand I knew just how talented Sheryl was but I was not at all prepared for how much not only me, but my very appreciative boyfriend adored the photos. I blew his unsuspecting mind! With a lot of help from the team of ladies, of course! The actual process of the shoot was a blast, I was laughing all night and when it came down to it, I don’t recall being ncomfortable for even a split second. Sheryl definitely knows what she is doing and her talent and passion can be seen in every beautiful photo she takes!

~Miss S

Warwick Boudoir Photography Sensual Black and White

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