I did a boudoir photo shoot for my husband’s birthday and couldn’t be happier with the result. Sheryl is talented, professional and creative and she will help you find your inner sex-kitten.  I did not know the first thing about posing for this type of photography, but Sheryl set me at ease and showed me what to do.


I came to Sheryl’s studio with a few ideas based on other photos I had seen, and she was so helpful in working with me to re-create the shots that I wanted, while helping me put my own, personal touch on them as well.  I posed for a mix of lingerie and nude shots.  The final pictures are beautiful and artistic and exceed all my expectations.  (By the way, you do not need to have any ideas of your own – Sheryl has lots of them!)


Best of all, my husband is THRILLED with the pics and told me that while he always thought I was hot, these pics have put me on “a whole new level of hotness!”  LOL!


I highly recommend Sheryl to anyone looking for a major confidence boost, with the side benefit of making your man’s day. Thanks, Sheryl!

long legs in high heels

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