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As you may have noticed on our pricing page, each of our Houston photography packages includes gentle photography retouching. However, retouching can mean different things to different people. Photographers have different styles, preferences, and processes. Here at Warwick Boudoir Photography in Houston, we believe that as little work as possible should be done during the boudoir photography retouching process. We use posing and lighting to enhance your favorite areas and minimize any you aren’t so fond of. However, there are still some minor things that need to be taken care of before you view your beautiful images!


So, what exactly does our “gentle boudoir photography retouching” entail?


Our boudoir photography retouching includes:


Skin Softening

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of advertisements feature women with poreless, flawless skin? These women aren’t born like that; it is the magic of makeup and photography retouching!


During our boudoir photography retouching process, we gently soften the skin to minimize any imperfections in skin texture and to give a glamorous, natural glow. This disguises fine lines, pores, and “peach fuzz”, but does not make you look overprocessed and plastic.



Blemish Removal

It never fails: most ladies will end up with a bruise, bump, zit, etc. right before their Houston boudoir photoshoot. Part of our boudoir photography retouching process includes removing any imperfections like these. We also try to remove any lines caused by your lingerie or clothing.


Please remember that we want your photos to be you. For this reason, our typical boudoir photography retouching process does not include scar removal unless you specifically request that we minimize and/or remove your scar. If a scar is moderately sized, we may not be able to completely remove it without the image looking overprocessed.



Smooth Bumps

At our Houston photography studio, we specialize in photographing “regular” women. None of the ladies on our website, our social media, or in our studio are models. As such, they have concerns about their bodies, usually particular areas. Lots of mothers are worried about stretch marks on their stomach area, and ladies of all shapes, sizes, and ages have mentioned their concerns about cellulite.


Just like how professional photography lighting washes out 30% of your makeup, it also has the benefit of blowing out cellulite and stretch marks. However, if any are still visible, we will gently blend them away during our boudoir photography retouching process.


Color Enhancement

Lots of ladies bring in bold colored items. We see tons of Texans Battle Red, Dallas Cowboys Blue, and Dynamo Orange. Though those colors may look bold and saturated in person, sometimes the flash of our lighting systems can wash out the tones. Part of our boudoir photography retouching process is to make sure that the colors stay bold and bright.


We also make sure that the lighting and background looks perfect. Sometimes we need to do a bit of adjusting to make sure the shadows are dark enough and that the highlights pop so the focus is exactly where we want it.


Clean It Up

There are lots of details that we look at during our boudoir photography retouching process. We love the look of sexy, loose, moving hair, and often have you toss your hair to catch the movement. However, this can lead to flyaway hairs! During our retouching, we clean these up a bit so you have a sexy, bedhead look instead of looking disheveled.


We also make sure that your wardrobe looks fabulous! Baggy clothes can get unflattering wrinkles in strange places; we want to make sure that your pieces look as fabulous as you do. Part of our boudoir photography retouching process can involve cleaning up major wrinkles to ensure an ideal look.




Our goal is to give you a glamorized version of yourself. This means that we keep our boudoir photography retouching minimal to ensure that, when you look at your images, you see yourself instead of who we can turn you into with retouching and Photoshop.


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