Warwick Boudoir Loves Out of State Visitors – Client Spotlight – Miss H

The sassy and sensual Miss H came into our studio with two other lovely ladies for one of our Girl’s Night Out party sessions.

Miss H

Traveling from Louisiana, she arrived with airline tags still on her lingerie-filled suitcase.


She kept our entire staff laughing while she was having her make-up done, even causing our artist to pause mid-application because she was laughing too hard to continue.

Miss H

We had such a wonderful time photographing Miss H, and we are so glad she loved her images.


Oh and Hugh Hefner: She says she’s waiting for a call from you to be your next cover model.


With images like this:

Miss H

I’d call her for sure.


To schedule a complementary consultation or a photo session to show off your inner supermodel, contact us.


Our pricing information can be found here. For information and pricing on our party packages, click here.

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