Team Warwick Boudoir at the Gritty Goddess

We had another fabulous time at the Gritty Goddess! Our ladies were the prettiest gritty girls on the course.


Our team looked phenomenal in their outfits, rocking our customized corsets the entire 3.1 miles. Other Gritty Goddess teams loved our unique look, and we even confessed the secret to Gritty Goddess corset success! Since we have already shared it with some ladies, I wanted to share it here as well!


To turn a corset from something constraining to something cute and run-worthy, try one of these tricks!


Some ladies opted to remove the boning from their Gritty Goddess corsets. To do this, turn your corset inside out. You will see the seams surrounding the boning. Find where the seam for the slot for the boning connects to the seam for the bottom of the corset. Use an exacto knife (or something similar) and GENTLY cut a small horizontal slit through the fabric covering the boning. Slowly slide the piece of boning out of the hole. Repeat as necessary.


Other ladies loved the shape of the corset and wanted to keep the structure and support that the boning provides. If you’d like to rock the Gritty Goddess with the boning (while still being able to breathe!), try removing the ribbon from the corset lacing and re-lacing with thin elastic ribbon like the one seen here. This will give the corset a bit more give, but still help you maintain that hourglass shape.


We got down and dirty, running, walking, jogging, and sliding to conquer mud, water, sand, and fire to finish the event in style.


We had so much fun, and can’t wait to go back and do it again; you should join us! More than 200 ladies won prizes from our prizewheel, and we are so excited to have one lucky lady in our studio for a FREE photoshoot!


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