Summer Nail Trends

The temperatures are hot and this year’s summer nail trends are bolder than ever! We have created a list of our favorite summer nail trends and organized it from neutrals to bold for you to choose your favorite shade to rock this season!



If your style is a bit more understated, try rocking one of these neutral summer nail trends. Not only are they professional enough to be appropriate for any office setting, they are also very on trend! Lots of designers used neutral nail colors with their summer lines to showcase their designs.



The ultimate neutral color, this is one of the favorite summer nail trends for ladies who work in an environment with a very strict code of apparel, or who are very rough on their manicures! Nude nail polish doesn’t show chips, it just gives a nice, sleek layer of gloss. It is neat, professional, and a perfect summer nail trend.


Soft Grey

If you want a neutral look that has a little bit more color than nude polish, try rocking a soft grey nail polish. Not only does it go with absolutely everything, but it brings attention to your hands in a subtle way and flatters any type of jewelry! That makes it the perfect nail polish to combine with your favorite summer jewelry.


Pastel Yellow

This “neutral” option is the least neutral of all of our summer nail trends, but it is a fabulous option. Unlike a bright, saturated yellow, pastel yellow is playful without being too bright or wild for work. The lightness of the color is cheerful and playful, while looking fabulous against your gorgeous summer tan!






Bright nails are always one of the most popular summer nail trends! They are bright, cheerful, and sassy. While they look fabulous against any color of skin, the attention-grabbing shades will not hide any chips or cracks, so make sure to keep them in top shape.



Orange is one of the summer nail trends that is inspired by summer itself! Pick a shade that reminds you of the glow of a sunset. It is vibrant, bold, and bright. Gold jewelry looks especially fabulous, so pair this summer nail trend with your favorite gold accessories.



While some of the summer nail trends I mentioned are trends that will be forgotten by next summer, bright pink nails are a summer classic! They’re playful, flirty, and look even more fabulous when paired with a matching lip.



If bright pink isn’t your style but you still want to rock one of the hottest summer nail trends, you can’t go wrong with bright red! It is sassy, fun, and looks great with a minimal makeup look like a red lip and cat-eye. It has the added bonus of making any of your sunburns look less red and lobster-y by comparison.




Not for the faint of heart, bold colors are the ultimate summer nail trends. They have been popping up everywhere from Fashion Week to Instagram. The most daring of these summer nail trends, they are very fashion forward, but extremely unforgiving when it comes to cracks or chips.


Bold Blue

A bold blue is the perfect choice for trendy nails this summer. Think the color of deep water. Not navy, not bright, just a nice deep blue. It looks great against all skin tones, and works with any makeup look.



Your skin is already bronzed, why not carry that same glow to your nails? Bronze, metallic nails are one of the hottest summer nail trends. Available in a variety of shades, the metallic tones add a pop of pizzazz and can be the perfect accessory for an otherwise understated outfit.



While black nail polish isn’t a new nail trend, it is still one of the top summer nail trends of the summer. It’s bold, edgy, and makes a strong statement. Though it is universally flattering, it is also extremely unforgiving of cracks, chips, and any other imperfections or damage in the polish.



What summer nail trends will you be wearing this season?
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