Summer Date Ideas in Houston

It’s summer and the temperatures are sweltering! Keep your love life hot while staying cool with these summer date ideas in Houston.


Create Your Own Dinner Tour

If you or your special someone are foodies, this can will work for multiple summer date ideas! Instead of doing the regular dinner, try creating your own dinner tour by visiting 3 or 4 locations! Start with an appetizer at one location, visit a different restaurant for your entrees, and head to another place for dessert! This gives you the opportunity to try new dishes and restaurants without committing to an entire meal, as well as mix and match cuisines. You can also finish the night with a nightcap at your favorite bar or try a new location with different drink options!


Escape A Room

What do you do when you and several of your friends are looking for summer date ideas in Houston? Go together! Escape Room challenges are popping up all over the country and for good reason: they’re fun, exciting, and different. You and your date (along with 4-8 other people) are locked in a room where you have one hour to solve a mystery! Working together against the clock is a fun, exciting way to bond and enjoy a date out of the Houston sun.


Learn To Cook

For a fun summer date idea that is also educational and includes food, try taking a cooking class! There are tons of courses offered for different cuisines and dietary needs/restrictions. Not only do you get to enjoy a meal together, you get the experience and fun of creating something delicious from scratch, and the bonding time that comes with doing so.


Scale A(n Indoor) Cliff

If you’re looking for adventurous summer date ideas, try indoor rock climbing! No experience? No problem! Texas Rock Gym has gear available for rent, and will instruct you how to use the safety equipment if you choose to attempt the taller routes. They also have a bouldering area so if you (or your date!) aren’t too keep on jumping right into the big stuff, you can work on movements and strength. Being on belay with your date is the perfect trust-building exercise and workout!



Tour A Brewery/Winery/Distillery

No matter what your beverage of choice is, odds are there is the perfect summer date for you in Houston! Instead of just going to the bar and drinking, go see where the alcohol is made. Houston has options from the fun and funky St. Arnold’s Brewery to the first legal whiskey distillery in Houston: Yellow Rose Distilling. The abundance of options, and air-condition makes these summer date ideas some of people’s favorites!


Visit the Museum District

Houston is home to tons of museums, so this could be used for several summer date ideas! They are air-conditioned, so you can avoid the heat and, if you’d like to avoid the crowds on weekends, try playing hooky on a weekday. Some of the museums have introduced special events for summer. For example, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has Wing It on Tuesdays at 10:30 am where you can see them release new butterflies into their Butterfly Center.


Do you have any Houston summer date ideas?


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