Styling For Rustic Wedding Boudoir Photos

Now that the weather is cooling down, weddings are picking up! In fact, September and October are the 3rd and 4th most popular wedding months. If you are planning a rustic wedding, rustic wedding boudoir photos make a perfect wedding gift!


If you’re not sure where to begin, here are our beauty and style recommendations for rustic wedding boudoir photos!


Beauty for Rustic Wedding Boudoir Photos


When it comes to choosing your beauty look for rustic boudoir photos, there are tons of options that will work beautifully! If you prefer more of a natural look, a soft, minimal eye look will be gorgeous. After all, it is the perfect look for a soft, girl-next-door type of look. However, if you would rather a glam, bombshell look, a dark smokey eye looks phenomenal when paired with a pair of blue jeans and nothing else!


As for the rest of your face, we recommend a softer look for your rustic wedding boudoir photos. Red lipstick looks jarring and out of place, so stick with a soft pink or neutral shade for your lips. Gentle blush is perfect for a natural, romantic look, so don’t be afraid to have a rosy glow.


While we love picture perfect victory rolls or s-waves for our pinup boudoir photos, they look too styled for rustic wedding boudoir photos. Tousled, textured hair gives a sexy, bedhead look that looks absolutely stunning.


Style for Rustic Wedding Boudoir Photos


Nothing says rustic wedding boudoir photos like a pair of cowboy boots! Instead of wearing traditional lingerie photography high heels, bring in your favorite pair(s) of boots. If boots aren’t your style, feel free to be barefoot. Just make sure your feet look fabulous!


The great thing about cowboy boots is that you can pair them with so many different things! Blue jeans or jean shorts are a classic option. If you want a casual look, a flannel shirt lets you show as little or as much as you’d like. Finally, it is hard to go wrong with a pair of jeans and some lace for a feminine, romantic country western look.


When styling yourself for your rustic wedding boudoir photos, be careful not to overdo it with accessories. A couple basic pieces are wonderful, but piling on the glitters and sparkle can clutter your casual sexy look.


Although most of our brides bring in white lingerie or pieces for their bridal boudoir photoshoot, you may want to consider wearing cream lingerie instead of white for your rustic wedding boudoir photos. When paired with the shabby chic aesthetic of the rest of your outfits, white can look stark and out of place. Obviously you are welcome to bring in any colors you would like; they are your images, so your outfits are completely up to you!


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