Sexy Soccer Boudoir Photography

The World Cup is here, and sexy soccer boudoir photography is coming with it!


When it comes to our Houston boudoir photography studio, the sports most often represented in our sports boudoir photography sessions are football and baseball (in that order). However, every once in a while we have a client request some soccer boudoir photos!

Originally from Argentina, she and her husband are both huge soccer fans. We began her session in traditional lingerie, and ended in her Argentina soccer jersey! ​


To get sexy soccer boudoir photos:

– Bring in a jersey! The colors of the jersey always look phenomonal, and even though you may think it is too big, we can position it and pose you into a super sultry pose.

– Be bold! The tone of soccer boudoir photography is sexy but playful, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

– Be sneaky! Ms D managed to get her hubby’s Argentina jersey out of the house, into our studio, and back into his closet without him noticing it was missing! He had no idea she had borrowed it until he saw her Houston soccer boudoir photography photos.

– Bring a ball! We have a football in our studio for sports boudoir photography, but we don’t have a soccer ball yet. Don’t be afraid to bring one in to play with, just make sure it is inflated!


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