Selecting Pregnancy Boudoir Lingerie

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “What do I wear?” The fact is, there is no one item fits all when it comes to boudoir. Due to this, we have decided to introduce a series to help ladies of all shapes and sizes select lingerie that flatters their body type.


Today’s body type is pregnant.


Okay, so I know pregnant isn’t typically considered a “shape”. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to close out our first series with a topic that is currently on the mind of the studio’s owner and fearless leader: pregnancy!


Although some ladies don’t feel their sexiest, being 7 months pregnant is an excellent time for a pregnancy boudoir photography session. Not only will you have that glow, you will also get to spend a day getting pampered and reminded of how beautiful you are. The images you will receive from your session will be the perfect way to look back years from now, and remember your pregnancy fondly.


Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you select the perfect pregnancy boudoir lingerie.


To Wear:



Although sexy may be the last thing you feel, a teddy is an excellent way to fake it until you feel it. They offer enough coverage to keep you from feeling exposed, yet still expose enough of your belly to show off your bump. When shopping for teddies for a pregnancy boudoir photography session, look for pieces that have an underwire. This will help provide shape and support for your tender breasts, as well as provide a nice boost for them. Sheer teddies that are split down the middle are optimal to showcase your bump; they show your figure without revealing too much, and allowing a place for your tummy to poke through will prevent the appearance of fabric being stretched too tight.


Tank Top and Panties

As I mentioned before, you may not be feeling super sexy at the beginning of your pregnancy boudoir photo session. A tank top and some panties are a great way to achieve a sweet yet sultry girl-next-door look, and can help ease you into feeling like the bombshell you are. Make sure to pick out a snug tank top so your bump is accented. If your tank top is sheer, going braless is a quick way to achieve a racy look. If you don’t want to show quite that much, a colorful bra can add a fun element that is sexy yet keeps some mystique.


Button-Up Shirt

Just like we love button-up shirts for “normal” boudoir sessions, we adore them in pregnancy boudoir photo sessions! With or without bra, they are cute and fun while giving us a peek of skin without overdoing it. Bonus points for making it your significant other’s favorite work shirt, and double bonus points for getting it out of the house without them noticing it! Although white is the most common color we see, you are welcome to bring in whatever color you want. Tip: Wearing a pink or blue shirt during your pregnancy boudoir photography session is an adorable way to do a gender reveal or to tell even more about your little one!


Bra and Panties

Let’s face it; clothes are more difficult to find when you are pregnant. Avoid the stress and difficulty of finding pieces that fit over your baby bump without looking too tight by leaving your bump bare! Bra and panty sets always look phenomonal; look for an underwire bra to support and lift your breasts. Lace topped panties are always preferable over straight elastic waistbands for a pregnancy boudoir photography session; they don’t cut into your skin as much, and provide a smoother transition from fabric to flesh.



Okay so you probably won’t be completely naked. We typically use posing and lighting to hide straps, strings, and string undies. However, we can easily create the illusion that you are in your birthday suit! What better way is there to show that you are feeling fierce, flawless, and fabulous during your pregnancy boudoir photo shoot?


To Avoid:


Too-Tight Items

Although it can be tempting to squeeze into something snug in an attempt to look slimmer, don’t do it! It can add the appearance of extra weight. Well-fitting pieces will look the best in your images; look for maternity lingerie or select flowy pieces like teddies for your pregnancy boudoir session.


High-Waisted Items

Don’t get me wrong; I love the high-waisted, retro look as much as the next person. However, the style is not ideal for pregnancy boudoir pictures! It will cut you in half aesthetically, making you appear broader and shorter than you are. More than likely it won’t look ideal on your bump either. For pregnancy boudoir pictures, look for hipster style panties. This will avoid awkward lines on your bump, or the folding over of fabric.


Hiding The Bump

The whole point of a pregnanxy boudoir session is for you to rock your pregnant body. Hiding your bump kind of defeats the purpose! Try to avoid baggy, shapeless, or opaque items. These will hide your figure. Also avoid items with loud patterns and/or fluff; these will distract the eye and take away from your bump. Look for pieces that accent instead of camoflague.


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