Score with Sexy Football Boudoir Photos

Although the football season doesn’t officially begin until September, we have reached the start of the season for sexy football boudoir photos!


If you want to make sure you are always on his mind, even when he is watching the big game, sexy football boudoir photos are the way to go.


Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to get sexy football boudoir photos. Don’t forget to comment with your own sports boudoir ideas!


Borrow His Jersey

Although his big, baggy football jersey may not seem sexy, it is the perfect prop for sexy football boudoir photos! Not only will you be wearing his favorite team (obviously! it’s his jersey!), but he will think of you looking smoking hot every time he wears it. If you’re worried about it being too big, never fear! Our professional boudoir photography staff will use posing to make you look fabulous. Bonus: If you’re concerned about showing too much skin, an oversized jersey is the perfect way to get sexy football boudoir photos with a little bit more coverage. We can manipulate the fabric and boudoir photography poses to show as much or as little as you would like.


Wear Your Jersey

Maybe you cheer for opposing teams, maybe you couldn’t sneak his out of the house, or maybe you wanted something a bit more fitted. Either way, bringing in your ladies cut football jersey is a fantastic way to get sexy football boudoir photos! Odds are he won’t notice that it is missing from your closet, and he will love seeing you in it on game day because he will be reminded of how stunning you looked in your sports boudoir photos. Bonus: Many women’s jerseys are cut to be for flattering for the female figure, so expect them to be slimmer cut through the body of the jersey, and also quite a bit shorter than the male versions. This makes them the perfect option if you wanted sexy football boudoir photos that are a little more revealing, or if his jersey is too oversized for you.


Rock Some Socks

If you have read our blogs, you know I have a not-so-small love for knee-high socks. However, it is with good reason! They are cute, fun, and small enough to be an accent which makes them the perfect piece to wear to get some sexy football boudoir photos. Bonus: Sports socks are incredibly versatile. You can make them the focus of sports boudoir pictures, or a cute little accent in a girl-next-door boudoir photo. With such a fabulous piece, there are very few ways to go wrong.


Try a T-Shirt

There is a reason the t-shirt has survived the test of time. They’re cute, comfortable, and flexible which makes them the perfect candidate for sports boudoir photos! You can wear a fitted tee for your sexy football boudoir photos, or you can go for a loose t-shirt to give yourself a little bit more coverage. Bonus: Unlike football jerseys, t-shirts are easy to find in a variety of colors. If you don’t love the way your team’s hue looks on you, a quick search will find the perfect tee for you!


Customize Your Tee

Want sexy football boudoir photos that are as sassy as you are? Show off your favorite assets with a customized tee shirt! Love your collarbones? Cut a wider neck! Super proud of your stomach? Raise the hem a few inches and show it off! No matter what body part you want to put on display, you can modify your outfit to do so. Bonus: We can start your sports boudoir photos with your shirt intact and finish your boudoir photography session with a customized tee.


Pack Playful Panties

Panties are involved in every boudoir photography session; why would sports boudoir be any different? Pair your playful panties with a tank top and you have an unbeatable sporty girl next door look that he is sure to love. Bonus: You can find football themed undies in any coverage. Whether you are a boyshorts kinda girl or you’d rather wear as little as possible, there is a panty perfect for your sexy football boudoir photos!


Don’t Forget A Football

While we don’t use a ton of props, a football is the perfect accent for sexy football boudoir photos. You can buy team-specific versions of them, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Bonus: A football makes a nice bonus gift for a special someone. Buy a ball, bring it in, and then wrap it up and give it to him. Not only will he love the football, every time he plays with it he will picture your sports boudoir photos.


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