How to Rock Houston Burlesque Photography

Lately requests for Houston burlesque photography have been skyrocketing. With the Houston burlesque scene booming with Houston-based groups and visiting powerhouses like Dita Von Teese and the Suicide Girls, it is no surprise!


If you want to make sure your session is as sassy and sexy as possible, follow our tips to rock a Houston burlesque photography session!


Red Lips in Houston Burlesque Photography

When it comes to burlesque photography, very few things are more important than red lipstick! Our professional make-up artist will help you select a shade that is right for your skin tone, style, and matches your outfits. Although it can feel a bit bold and overwhelming for ladies not accustomed to wearing such a strong lip, it will look fantastic in your burlesque photos.


Corsets in Houston Burlesque Photography

How could I write about Houston burlesque photography without mentioning corsets? Corsets are a staple in both boudoir photography and burlesque performances. The boning helps create that coveted hourglass shape, and the lacing up the back is stunningly sexy. Don’t worry about not being able to put it on; our professional boudoir photography staff will lace you in, and will help you with your boudoir photography poses from head to toe! They might not be the most comfortable lingerie, but the end result is well worth the snug fit.


Gloves in Houston Burlesque Photography

Though gloves can sometimes be cheesy in traditional boudoir photography, they are perfect for burlesque photography! Black is by far the most popular color, but the options are endless! Simple satin creates and elegant look, while fringe will give you playful Houston burlesque photos. Lace gloves are always stunning; just make sure to match your gloves with your Houston burlesque photography lingerie! When picking gloves, make sure to select a flattering length. Proportion is very important in female photography; if you have short arms, avoid gloves that end in the middle of your forearm. This will cut their length in half, and make them look shorter than they already are. Instead, look for gloves that are either elbow length or that reach above the elbow. These will create the illusion of longer, more proportionate arms. If you have long arms, any length of gloves will work in your burlesque photos. Keep in mind that gloves that only cover your hands are flattering on all arms!


High Heels in Houston Burlesque Photography

Of course you need high heels for lingerie photography! High heels help your legs look super long, activates muscles in your bum and legs that makes them look nice and toned, and makes your breasts and bum more prominent. The nice thing about burlesque photography is that it is a little bit wild, so make sure your shoes are! Burlesque has tons of rhinestones, buckets of pearls, yards of lace, and is all about personality. Embrace that! Those elaborate shoes you never get to wear? Get some lingerie that matches and rock them! As with traditional lingerie photography, classic black high heels will always work.


Stockings in Houston Burlesque Photography

We don’t typically see fishnets during our Houston boudoir photography sessions. Many ladies prefer lace lingerie, so fishnets don’t always match the look. For burlesque photos, fishnets are great! They are sassy and playful, just like burlesque. Traditional lace topped stockings work as well, so don’t be afraid to bring several options!


Headwear in Houston Burlesque Photography

It is rare to see anything except a veil and maybe a hat on someone’s head in boudoir photography. Burlesque photography is another matter entirely! Fascinators, birdcage veils, headbands, fun clips, and feathers are all popular options for headpieces in Houston burlesque photography! Not sure about having something in all of your images? Don’t worry; we can have you wear a piece for a while, but then remove it so you get plenty of options.


Feathers in Houston Burlesque Photography

Very little screams burlesque more than feathers! Feather headpieces, feather lingerie details, and feather fans are all popular in burlesque. If you have some feather fans, bring them in! They are cute and sassy, and perfect for some nude or implied nude burlesque photos. The fun part is that they come in any and every color, so you can show your personality! We love playing with lighting through feathers, so we can create lots of different looks with a single prop. If feathers aren’t your thing, try a different type of fan.


Garter Belts in Houston Burlesque Photography

Garter belts are popular in lingerie photography and burlesque photography. Whether you are attaching or detaching them, there is something innately sexy about garter belts and stockings. Imagine yourself wearing a garter belt, stockings, heels, and a feather fan. Sexy, right? Even if you’re not that bold, that is okay. Garter belts look great paired with nothing but a fan, but they also look amazing with a corset. The level of nudity is completely up to you; we want you to feel confident and comfortable.


What is your Houston burlesque photography must-have?


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