Presenting Your Wedding Boudoir Photos

When it comes to your big day, the last thing you need is any more stress! Instead of stressing about how you will deliver your wedding boudoir photos to your special someone, try one of these 6 client-tested and approved methods for delivering your wedding boudoir photos to your groom.


If you aren’t spending the night before your wedding together, try:


An After Dinner Treat

If you want to hand your hubby his gift, try passing him your wedding boudoir photos after the rehearsal dinner. A bag with tissue paper handed off with a kiss on the cheek looks sweet and innocent, even though your lingerie photos may be a bit racy! Make sure to tell him to wait until he is alone to peek, or whomever he shares a car with may get an eyeful!


Arranging A Special Delivery

If you want your groom to open his special gift in private, arrange a special delivery for the night before your wedding! Most hotels have concierge services; ask your hotel if they are willing to leave a special gift on his pillow. Make sure your wedding boudoir album is boxed and wrapped to avoid the possibility of anyone else seeing your bridal boudoir photos! Our favorite time to have it delivered is while you are at the rehearsal dinner; it will be unexpected, and will be a wonderful surprise for him before bed. If you’re not gifting a wedding boudoir album, a small framed wedding boudoir photo on his pillow will be beautiful, unexpected, and can be placed on a nightstand at home for him to always enjoy.


A Wedding Morning Surprise

While you will be getting primped, polished, sprayed, glossed, and pinned, all he has to do is shave his face, style his hair, and put on his suit. Keep him busy with a wedding-day surprise! Send over your wedding coordinator or a bridesmaid with your album and your photographer. They can claim they need to borrow just the groom (avoiding the eyes of his groomsmen!) for some photos. Not only will this give him a tantalizing peek of what to expect on the wedding night, you will get to see his reaction to your beautiful wedding boudoir photos.



If you aren’t too keen on the idea of giving him some tangible wedding boudoir photos before or on the big day, try:


An Unexpected E-Mail

One of our most popular items is our custom app and for good reason! It is password protected, never expires, can go on multiple devices, and is the perfect way to take your images on the go! If you don’t want to give your groom something tangible that could fall into the hands of a groomsman, try e-mailing him the link and password to your custom app. It is unexpected, playful, and is sure to make him smile! Just keep in mind that you may be distracted and forget to send the e-mail, or he may not see it until after the big day! If you really want to make sure he sees it, set an alarm to remind yourself to send it, and text him a quick note to tell him he has a surprise waiting.


In Paradise

One of the favorite album deliveries I have ever heard was once client who wrapped her album in the shirt she borrowed from him for her wedding boudoir photoshoot, and surprised him by wearing her favorite lingerie from her experience under her dress at dinner. If you don’t want to give your groom your bridal boudoir photos at the wedding, gift them to him on your honeymoon! No matter what the location, he will love his gift. Just make sure to put it in your carry-on; you don’t want it to go missing if your luggage disappears!


A “Welcome Home” Surprise

This option may take a bit more planning, but is completely worth it! Instead of keeping their wedding boudoir photos hidden in a drawer, some ladies pick one image to showcase on their wall. While the style of the image varies (some ladies opt for a portrait, others choose an artistic nude, etc), they all look stunning. To really blow his mind, purchase and install a large wall print or a canvas in your home. For the biggest impact, install the piece after he has left for the wedding. He will be shocked and thrilled when he notices it!



How did you gift your wedding boudoir photos?



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