Preparing Your New Boudoir Photography Shoes

I know we have several blogs about high heels in boudoir photography, but there is a good reason! I constantly get lots of questions about boudoir photography heels. I have been asked which type to get, what height is best, what colors are best, how to style them, etc. This blog isn’t about choosing boudoir photography shoes, but about how to prepare your perfect pair of heels for your boudoir photoshoot!


Step One: Pick the Perfect Pair

No house can be built on a faulty foundation, so make sure your boudoir photography shoes are the perfect pair for you! Make sure your shoes for boudoir photography are tall enough to make your legs long and lean, but not so tall you can’t manage them. They need to fit your style while photographing well, and be the correct size.


For help picking the perfect pair of boudoir photography shoes, click here to read our blog Finding the Best Shoes for Boudoir Photography


Step Two: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Some of our stunning boudoir photography clients have little to no experience in high heels, and that’s okay! However, since heels look so fabulous in traditional boudoir photos, we highly recommend ladies rock them during their photoshoots. This means that some ladies need a bit of practice in them!


When practicing in your new boudoir photography shoes, make sure you are on carpet or another soft surface to avoid scuffing them. Try to practice standing on both feet and on one foot (after all, we will be posing you in flattering boudoir poses!), as well as walking and turning.


Start by wearing them for short periods of time while you’re sitting or doing quick chores. Don’t wear them too long at first; extended wear can lead to blisters and achy feet!


Note: If you’re a fan of Louboutins (or simply want to preserve your soles), try purchasing a protector. For Louboutins, there are recommended professionals that will apply a red rubber piece to the bottom of the shoe to keep them red and avoid any scuffing. If you’re looking for a DIY solution that will work on a sole of any color, try a product like the one available from Protect Your Pumps.


Step Three: Comfort is Key

While they might not be as comfortable as your slippers, your boudoir photography shoes shouldn’t make you miserable! If the time you spend practicing in your boudoir photography shoes leaves you in pain, there are some products to help ease your pain. If the toes fit well but the top is too tight on your foot, a shoe stretcher can help keep the leather from digging into your foot. If you find the balls of your feet are achy after a short time standing, try padded gel or foam insoles.


What would you recommend to someone who is looking to prepare their new boudoir photography shoes for a photoshoot?


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