Pick Your Perfect Bikini Wax

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue there were so many different variations of the bikini wax. I mean, I knew there were options (obviously!). I just didn’t know how many!


Although we don’t require it, many of our clients opt for some sort of personal grooming before their boudoir photography session.


If you’ve never had a bikini wax before, or are simply curious about your options, this is the blog for you!


Here are 5 types of bikini waxes, the differences between styles, pros and cons of each, and what type of boudoir photography outfits it will work for.


Regular Bikini Wax:

The regular bikini wax only removes hair outside panty line. Think of a pair of regular bikini panties. Not ultra-low rise, not a thong. Just a normal pair of panties. The traditional bikini wax only removes the hair not covered by the panties.

Pros: This is the perfect wax for beginners and people who are nervous! It removes the least amount of hair (so it is the least painful!), and doesn’t feel too invasive. If you are planning on a more modest boudoir photography session in full-coverage panties, this wax will work for you.

Cons: While the minimal hair removal is a pro for some people nervous about the pain, it can also be a con. If you wear panties that aren’t full coverage, it is likely that at least a little bit will peek out. If you’re concerned about hair showing, you may want to try a different style of bikini wax.



Modified Bikini Wax:

The modified bikini wax is exactly what it sounds like; a slightly different version of the bikini wax. Although it still leaves a triangle-shaped area of hair, more hair is removed which makes the triangle smaller. *Note – some salons use modified bikini wax and landing strip wax interchangeably. Make sure to clarify exactly what you want before the waxing process begins.

Pros: Although there is more hair removed than the basic bikini wax, the modified bikini wax still isn’t too intimidating. This makes it perfect for someone new to waxing who wants to wear panties that aren’t quite full coverage.

Cons: A modified bikini wax may remove more hair than a traditional bikini wax, but it still leaves a fair amount of hair. If you want to wear minimally covering panties, some hair may still peek out. Since there is more hair removal, it is also slightly more painful than a wax with less hair removal.


Landing Strip:

A landing strip takes the wax one step further. Instead of a triangle of hair, only a small strip/patch is left in the center of the pubic mons. Some people prefer a small square patch, others go for a thin vertical strip. A good bikini wax technician will be able to recommend an ideal shape for you based on your body type and preferences. Many waxing places trim the remaining hair so it is fairly short.

Pros: The amount of hair left is minimal, so this wax is perfect for ladies who want to wear barely-there panties. Many people choose this type of wax because it removes the majority of the hair but doesn’t leave you completely bald.

Cons: Since a landing strip is a minimal amount of hair, this wax can be intimidating for the beginning waxer. It can also be painful; when it comes to waxing, the more hair that is removed the more painful it is. Also, the lower the wax goes (from the navel) the more painful it is due to the increased number of nerves. Since there is still hair left, this style of bikini wax is not ideal for clients wishing to have a bare look while wearing sheer lingerie.



During a brazilian wax, all of the hair from the pubic mons, labia and surrounding area is removed. Many salons will leave a landing strip if requested, but many ladies choose to go completely bare.   *Note – some salons call a Hollywood bikini wax a brazilian wax. Make sure to address the amount of hair you want removed with your waxing technician.

Pros: Since all of the hair has been removed, there is no chance of it peeking out from your lingerie. This style of bikini wax is perfect for clients wanting to wear barely-there lingerie, sheer lingerie, or nothing!

Cons: A Brazilian wax is more uncomfortable than a wax that leaves a landing strip for several reasons. Not only is there more hair removed, the area in which a landing strip is traditionally left is very sensitive which makes the hair removal from that area painful.


Hollywood Wax:

The most thorough of bikini waxes, the Hollywood bikini wax removes all of the hair front, back, and middle. They will leave no hair on the front (however if you would like a landing strip left, most salons will oblige), remove all of the hair from the labia and surrounding areas, and from the gluteal crease.

Pros: All of the hair is removed, so there is no chance any will accidentally peek out during your boudoir photography session. Some ladies like the sensation of being completely bare and clean. The Hollywood wax is a great option for ladies who wish to shoot nude, in sheer lingerie, or in minimally covering lingerie.

Cons: It can be very intimidating for beginning (or even experienced) waxers to have someone so intimately acquainted with their nether regions. Since this type of bikini wax has the greatest amount of hair removal, it is typically considered to be the most painful.


Getting a bikini wax, brazilian wax, or a Hollywood wax is a very intimate experience. Make sure to choose a salon that you are comfortable with and that will perform your wax safely, efficiently, and as pain-free as possible. We recommend Just Wax It for all of your waxing needs.


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2 Responses to Pick Your Perfect Bikini Wax

  1. Harni says:

    hi there, i am thinking about hainvg some boudoir pictures taken for my husband- for our anniversary in october. could you tell me more about pricing packages and if you do them in a studio or in my home?thanks so much!

    • sheryl says:

      Hi Harni,

      Thank you for contacting Warwick Boudoir! Boudoir photos of you will be the perfect anniversary gift for your husband. I know he will love them!

      Good questions! You can view our packages and pricing here:

      We do offer on-location photoshoots, but the majority of our boudoir photography takes place in our Houston boudoir photography studio.

      I’d love to discuss your ideal boudoir photography experience with you; if you’d like to chat more, you can reach me at info(at)

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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