Warwick Boudoir’s No Male Observation Policy

Lately we have been having lots of clients request that their significant other be present in our Houston boudoir photography studio to observe their photoshoot.


While we understand the desire to have the man you love be present, it is our professional opinion that having him observe your photoshoot would be detrimental to your photography experience.


When males are present in the studio, ladies tend to perform or worry about what they think is sexy. This is all about you, and I want you to enjoy the whole experience as something just for you. Our guidelines and rules are in place for the safety and comfort of our all-female staff and to preserve the integrity of our boudoir photography experiences.


What many ladies don’t realize is that the behind-the-scenes of boudoir photography isn’t very glamorous. Our gorgeous “window” is actually a closet, we commonly use clothespins to hold fabric just so, and the poses we put you in feel more ridiculous than racy. In our experience, having a male present during a boudoir photoshoot leaves clients feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. They are worried about what he is doing, what he is thinking, etc. This often translates to tension in the body and face, which has a negative affect on boudoir images. When a male gets a glimpse behind the scenes, the final images aren’t quite as magical as they could be.


Males have also proven to be a distraction during boudoir photoshoots. While we appreciate excitement, oftentimes excitement can lead to talking over the photographer, distracting you, and even becoming a bit of a backseat driver. We are professionals who have spent years training to create the images we do. Having someone else give direction will distract you and will lead to less-than-flattering poses and facial expressions.


Many ladies want to surprise their significant other with some classy boudoir photos. If your hubby already knows you are doing a boudoir photoshoot for him, you can still surprise him with the final images. Him knowing what you wore, what poses you did, etc will take away the anticipation he will feel before he sees your beautiful images. If he knows you came in but has no other concept of what happened during your shoot, he will be anxiously awaiting the finished product.


As seen in our updated contract, effective immediately our studio policy is that males are only permitted to be present for photoshoots if the are participating in a Couple’s Boudoir photoshoot. This is for the comfort and safety of our all-female boudoir photography staff. If you choose to bring a male with you on the date of your boudoir photoshoot, they will be asked to wait outside of the studio until your session has been completed. If you or he refuse to comply, your photoshoot will be cancelled and your non-refundable retainer will be forfeit.


We welcome female companions, so if you would feel more comfortable with a friend, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, etc., feel free to bring her along.


If having your husband/boyfriend/fiancee/etc present during your boudoir photoshoot is an integral part of your experience, we recommend that you locate a photographer who is able to meet your needs.


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