Dressing for Modest Boudoir Photography

Let’s face it: not every client wants super sexy, skin-baring boudoir photos. Some ladies are uncomfortable with the idea of being so exposed, and some ladies just have a different style. Just because you don’t want to be nude or wear racy lingerie doesn’t mean boudoir photos aren’t for you. Modest boudoir photos can still be sultry without making you feel uncomfortable!


For a boudoir experience you are comfortable with, try these modest boudoir photography outfit ideas that will leave you feeling fabulous, not frumpy.



With a ton of options, bodysuits are the perfect piece of lingerie for everything from modest boudoir photography to super racy lingerie photos. For a more modest look, pick an opaque bodysuit with a full coverage bottom. The material, while keeping you covered, will provide a sexy silhouette that flatters your figure while keeping everything in place.



Typically associated with pin-up photos, dresses can be the perfect modest boudoir photography outfit for someone wanting a more feminine look. Since you bring in your own outfits, you can decide how short or as long, loose or tight, sheer or opaque, etc as you would like it to be. Dresses are perfect for feminine portraiture; try a solid color to keep the attention on your beautiful face instead of on a busy pattern.


Full Coverage Lingerie

If you want modest boudoir photos but still want to rock some lingerie, full coverage lingerie is a great option. Lacy camisoles keep you covered but offer peeks of skin, high-waisted panties are on trend and offer plenty of coverage, and full coverage bras, while they show tons of skin on your torso, often cover more than a swimsuit and are something you will be comfortable with and used to wearing. Remember: full coverage doesn’t have to be frumpy! Lace accents, fun detailing, and bold colors can keep your modest boudoir photos from feeling boring.


His Shirt

While you’re borrowing his sports jersey for your modest boudoir photos, why not take his favorite button-up shirt as well? Much like the jersey, his shirt can be clipped and pulled to show as much or as little skin as you would like. A fully-buttoned shirt clipped back to show a flattering silhouette can be stunning, while leaving some buttons unclipped can be fabulously flirty. Basic white is always stunning, but adding some color with a bright shirt can be a fun way to spice up your modest boudoir outfits.


Sports Jersey

The fun thing about sports jerseys is that they can show as much or as little as you want, which makes them the perfect modest boudoir photography outfit for anyone. If you have a women’s cut jersey in your size, pair it with a cute pair of panties or a pair or shorts for a fun, flirty look that keeps your torso completely covered. If you want to be more modest than that, bring in his jersey! In the past, clients have brought in sports jerseys that would have passed my high school dress code (even without pants on!) by being knee-length. You can wear it baggy, or we can clip it in the back for a more fitted silhouette; either way, you will look fabulous without exposing too much skin which makes a sports jersey the perfect modest boudoir photography outfit.



Sweaters are one of my favorite modest boudoir photography outfits! Maybe it is because I rarely get to wear one due to the Houston weather, maybe it is because they are so soft and snuggly, or maybe it is because they are so unexpectedly sexy. Sweaters are perfect for modest boudoir photos that are more natural and less posed. A long sweater will make him want to snuggle up with you; if you wear short shorts, it can give the appearance of you being pants-less while exposing almost nothing. Loose-weave or lace sweaters can showcase hints of skin while offering tons of coverage.


Tank Top and Panties

This is an outfit I will recommend to all of our clients, not just those interested in modest boudoir photos. It is a classic idea that works for all body types, and gives a fun and flirty girl-next-door playful sexy feel. You can show as little or as much as you want on bottom; we have had ladies bring in everything from full coverage undies to teeny thongs. It is a playful look that can be accessorized with legwarmers, tall socks, or even a pair or shorts! No matter what color, a tank top with a cute bottom is a fabulous modest boudoir photography outfit.


What outfit would you pick for modest boudoir photography?


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