Meet Our Houston Boudoir Photographers

When it comes to choosing the Houston boudoir photographers you will be trusting to capture you at your best, one of the most important things to look for is a connection. Creating beautiful boudoir photos is a team effort; if you feel very uncomfortable with your Houston boudoir photographers, it will show in your images.


If you’re considering booking a photography experience with us, keep reading to meet our Houston boudoir photographers!


Sheryl Warwick– Studio Owner and Lead Photographer

Sheryl is the fearless leader of our Houston boudoir photographers. After all, it is her name on the door! Originally from Boston, Sheryl moved to Houston 10 years ago and worked as an elementary school teacher for several years. During her time as a teacher, Sheryl enjoyed photographing friends and family on weekends. Eventually she made a name for herself as a wedding photographer and, during a conversation with a client, learned about boudoir photography. After doing her first boudoir photoshoot, she was hooked! She made the transition from wedding photography to boudoir photography 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She is the proud mother to an adorable little boy, and currently spends most of her time singing the potty song and blowing bubbles. Sheryl is responsible for photographing all of our Bombshell and Ultimate Diva boudoir photography sessions, and will occasionally hop behind the camera during a Complete Fantasy or a Petite boudoir photography session.


Ashley – Assistant Photographer

If you like rock and roll and want a rocker feel to your photos, Ashley is the edgiest of our Houston boudoir photographers. Originally from Chicago, she has been with the Warwick Boudoir team for 3 years. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Photography, she moved to Houston where she trained under Sheryl for 6 months. Not only is she an amazing cook and talented jewelry maker, Ashley also rides motorcycles, and travels regularly. She may not be able to chat about most popular TV shows, but Ashley is always ready and able to discuss almost any genre of music and loves to attend concerts! As our Assistant Photographer, Ashley photographs the majority of our Complete Fantasy boudoir photography sessions as well as our Petite boudoir photoshoots.



Erin – Office Manager

While not technically one of our Houston boudoir photographers, Erin is the one you will probably be communicating with the most during your boudoir photoshoot. A native Houstonian, Erin has been with the Warwick Boudoir team for almost 4 years and takes care of e-mail, phone calls, consultations, private photo gallery reveals, and any other odd jobs that need to be taken care of. She is the owner of the Warwick Boudoir mascots: Sassy and Timmy the Amazing Chihuahua Duo. When she isn’t at work, Erin is always on the go! She’s involved in the artcar community, enjoys training in the circus arts, and has completed more than 30 half-marathons, as well as multiple marathons and ultras. Don’t let her running resume fool you; when she isn’t running, she embraces her nerdy side with online or tabletop gaming.


To book a photography experience, contact us at or 713 – 248 – 3300

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