Maternity Boudoir Photography

At Warwick Boudoir Photography in Houston, we believe that all women’s curves should be celebrated, especially during pregnancy. After all, regardless of the baby bump, you are still a woman who deserves to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Plus, who ever said that pregnancy can’t be sexy? With big-name A-list celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Demi Moore posing for provocative pregnancy photos, it is becoming increasingly popular for all women to get boudoir maternity photos. It is a great way to take advantage of your unique glow and pamper yourself during any stage of pregnancy.

What is maternity boudoir photography?

Just what it sounds like! Maternity boudoir photography is boudoir photography with a baby bump.

When should I come in?

Maternity boudoir photography timing is a little bit tricky. You want to make sure you have a bump, but if you wait too long you may not feel as fabulous as you look. Our staff recommends coming in at about 7 months, though some ladies who don’t show much choose to come in closer to 8 months along.

What should I wear?

Check out our Selecting Maternity Boudoir Lingerie blog for tips to help you rock that bump! As with all of our boudoir photo sessions, the degree of nudity in your portraits is determined by you and your level of comfort. You can wear whatever you feel the most radiant in. For instance, borrow your sweetheart’s favorite shirt or bring in lingerie that accentuates your favorite features without making you feel self-conscious. Also, pinup boudoir photos are always a tasteful option!

Perfectly Pregnant Maternity Boudoir Photography Package – $1150

We are excited to announce our very first boudoir photography package that was created for our maternity clients! The Perfectly Pregnant photography package includes:

– Complimentary Consultation

– Complete Fantasy Maternity Boudoir Photography Session

– 5 Pregnancy Progression Images (you pick the months!)

– 48×12 Canvas

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Thanks to our respectful and knowledgeable staff, the women who schedule boudoir photo sessions always fall in love with the experience and the results. If you would like to see first-hand what our studio looks like or learn more about the packages we offer, contact our boudoir photography experts today!

For expert tips on topics like how to select boudoir lingerie for a photo shoot and the best ways to communicate with your photographer, be sure to check out our boudoir blog.