How To Look Stunning in Lingerie Photos

When it comes to looking fabulous in lingerie photos, many ladies aren’t sure where to start. Instead of stressing out, check out our favorite tips and tricks for looking gorgeous during your lingerie photoshoot!


Leave it to the Professionals

When it comes to boudoir photography, there are obvious differences between at-home smartphone images and lingerie photos taken by a professional boudoir photographer.  Our 3,300 square foot studio is dedicated to boudoir and pin-up photoshoots; we have sets, lighting, and a ton of space to work in. Most homes don’t have the professional equipment or space to properly pose, light, and photograph lingerie photos. In addition, our professional boudoir photographers will do pretty much everything for you. We will style you, pose you from head to toe, and make any necessary adjustments from straightening lingerie to fixing lipstick to helping hook garter straps if necessary. Besides, wouldn’t it be more fun to have a team of people assisting you than to try to do it all yourself?


Talk to Us

When it comes to lingerie photos, different people have different ideas of sexy. Everyone likes a different look; some ladies are super glam, some are natural, and others are playful. Unless you communicate with us, we won’t know what look you are going for! To get your perfect lingerie photos, make sure to bring in some boudoir photography inspiration photos. That way we can see what your style is, and emulate it in your Houston lingerie photos.


Get Glammed Up

If you’re going to do lingerie photos, go all out! Instead of trying to do your makeup and hair yourself, allow our professional artist to do it for you! Not only will it help you feel like a supermodel, it will help your lingerie photos look fabulous! Make-up for photography is very different than every day make-up or special occasion make-up. There is specific highlighting, contouring, lining, and application that needs to be done for the best results.  For stunning lingerie photos, leave all of that to our experts.


Dress to Impress

Most people have heard the phrase “the clothes make the man”. In this case, the lingerie makes the photo! Make sure to bring some fabulous outfits for your lingerie photoshoot. When it comes to lingerie, pick pieces that are flattering on you and your body type. Some ladies look stunning in babydoll pieces; I am not one of those people. Make sure to select pieces that look good on you, not ones you wish would look good. Pair pretty, well-fitting lingerie with some killer shoes and fabulous accessories and your Houston lingerie photos will be beautiful! Don’t hesitate to ask our professional lingerie photography staff for our favorite tips and tricks for dressing for your body type.


Stand Tall

Posture is very important for lingerie photos. Confidence is sexy; if you’re hunched over you will look more shy and uncomfortable than sultry and confident. Our Houston boudoir photographer will pose you from head to toe, so don’t worry about posing. However, each pose begins with you either sitting or standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high. Practice sitting and standing straight at home; this will help keep you from being extra sore after your lingerie photoshoot!


Don’t Rush the Process

I don’t know about you, but pressure is not my favorite thing. On super busy days when I have a ton of things to get done (especially on my days off) I find myself more stressed than relaxed. When you schedule your lingerie photoshoot, try to pick a day where you can relax. If you’re trying to sneak in for lingerie photos between work, a doctor’s appointment, and picking up the kids from school, you won’t get the full boudoir photography experience. We completely understand your family responsibilities; we have them too! Just make sure to pick a day where you have enough time to enjoy your photoshoot. If you have a commitment at 3 pm, request a 10 am appointment so you won’t feel pressured or rushed.


Listen To Us

I know being the focus of lingerie photos can be weird. After all, most people don’t wear lingerie in front of other very often! I also know that posing for boudoir photography can feel weird. You’ll be pushing twisting, arching, etc and trying to look relaxed while doing so. Instead of question our Houston boudoir photography experts, listen to us! We have years of experience helping ladies look and feel fabulous. As long as you can follow directions, your lingerie photos will look fabulous.


What makes you feel beautiful in lingerie photos?


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