The Importance of Makeup Contouring in Boudoir Photography

I don’t know about you, but recently my Pinterest has been flooded with makeup contouring. Videos, pictures, before-and-afters, tutorials, examples, etc. You name it, it has popped up.


Although the saturation of makeup contouring examples on social media gives it the appearance of being a fad, makeup contouring is essential in boudoir photography to help translate your face from a 2-dimensional photograph to its in-person 3-dimensional appearance.


When you look at someone in person, you see a variety of shadows, textures, and depths. During a boudoir photography session, these shadows are minimalized, if not completely erased by the lighting. This leads to the face appearing very flat and wide. Makeup contouring recreates these shadows and enhances the various angles of your face. This gives your face the depth that it has in person, and results in a more visually appealing look. Not only does makeup contouring make your stunning features more defined, it also helps your face appear more polished.


Although makeup contouring can help elevate your images, they can also have less-than-ideal results when done incorrectly. Overcontouring will make you look overdone and unnatural. Uneven makeup contouring can result in the appearance of an uneven face or features. In fact, many special effects artists utilize makeup countouring to give the appearance of crooked or broken noses. No prosthetics, no computer effects, only makeup contouring. The power of makeup contouring is why we recommend leaving it to the professionals for your boudoir photoshoot. Our professional artists are experts in styling and contouring for photography sessions.


To schedule a complimentary consultation or a session for a Houston boudoir photography experience, contact us.


For more examples of the effects of proper makeup contouring, check out our Before-and-After gallery.


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