How To Prepare For A Pole Dance Photography Experience

Pole dance photography has become more and more requested, due to the popularity of pole fitness. If you’re planning on being the focus of a Houston pole dance photoshoot, check out our tips to help you prepare for your pole dance photography experience. 


Before Your Pole Dance Photography Session


Pick A Photographer

Just like with traditional boudoir photography, pole dance photography can come in all styles and many pole dance photographers have different taste and style than others. Some pole dance photographers prefer to capture movement and motion, while others are most comfortable with static positions and poses.

Make sure you pick a photographer who matches your:


What kind of pole photography do you like? Do you prefer the fluidity of movement, or would you rather choose a perfect pose that highlights your strength and flexibility? Do you like high contrast images or softer low-contrast images or even edgy silhouette pole dancing photography? Are you planning a stylized photography experience with costumes, elaborate make-up, and props or do you want a more low-key, casual look? What are your preferences for editing: do you like minimal retouching or would you prefer your photos to be highly edited and embellished? Make sure to choose a photographer whose vision and style matches what you are looking for from your pole dancing photography experience.



As with all kinds of photography, pole dancing photography sessions can vary in price. Make sure you choose a pole dance photographer that fits within your budget; sometimes neither the cheapest nor the most expensive are the best option! Consider what the package includes: is it just photography time? Does it include retouching? Are all products a la carte or are some included? Make sure to discuss exactly what you are hoping to receive with your photographer; some are willing to build custom packages for pole dance photography sessions, especially if there will be multiple ladies!



The location for your Houston pole dance photography session depends on many factors. Do you dance at a particular studio that you would like to be photographed at? What does the pole dancing studio look like? Some locations have things like exit signs, posters, advertising, etc on the walls that can be distracting in your images. Some photographers can provide portable backdrops, but this is not something that everyone offers. In addition, renting out a room in a pole dance studio can add to the total cost, as well as make scheduling a bit more difficult. If you’d like a solid backdrop, a photography studio can be the perfect place for your pole dance photography session. However, many photography studios do not have a pole installed for insurance purposes. A limited liability release waiver and a client-provided temporary pole can help solve this problem, but will require a portable pole. Some studios, such as our Houston boudoir photography studio, have drop ceilings, so an X-Pole stage will be required. Make sure to discuss the location with your photographer; they may have recommendations that will help you get your perfect pole dance images.


Choose Some Poses

Even if you are planning on constant movement during your Houston pole dance photography session, it is always a good idea to have some particular movements and poses in mind!

Make sure you:

Choose Practical Poses

Although you may have just mastered an amazing new move, it may not be the best for your pole dance photos. After all, new moves tend to be painful and difficult which can lead to a strained, pained face and less-than-stellar lines. Make sure to choose some poses that you are comfortable in; easier tricks and holds that you have mastered will look better in photos than struggling through something more difficult.


Practice Holding Moves

This is especially important for pole photography that is focused on poses. Your Houston pole dance photographer will be taking tons of images from multiple angles. Being to hold a pose for longer will make it easier for your photographer to get the perfect angle, shot, and lighting.


Slow Down Your Transitions

Sometimes the transition is as beautiful as the beginning and ending position! Slowing down your transitions will give your photographer more time to capture some movement images that you didn’t know you wanted! Giving your photographer more to work with is never a bad thing.


Are Realistic

Let’s face it: we don’t all have the flexibility of Cleo the Hurricane or Bendy Kate. When you are choosing your pole dance photography poses, make sure to select ones that embrace your body and flexibility. If you have fantastic splits, embrace them with a Jade split or some floor work. If your back is bendy, choose positions that showcase that! If you are more focused on showcasing your strength, the Iron X with pointed toes or sky-high heels looks fabulous!


Plan and Pack

To ensure minimal stress on the day of your pole dance photography session, make sure to have everything packed and ready in advance! This helps you avoid tossing things in a bag last-minute and ending up with mismatched outfits and missing pieces. Remember: it is always better to have extra instead of not enough. You can always not use something, but you can’t go back and get something you don’t have.


Come prepared with:

  • Several different outfits
  • Shoe options
  • Any accessories you may want to use
  • Grip aid, even if you don’t normally use it
  • Printouts/a gallery of images and poses you like
  • A rocking playlist to keep you moving and positive

On The Day Of

Prepare Your Body

As you know, pole dancing is physically demanding. Make sure your body is prepared! Don’t starve yourself; make sure to fuel your body and be hydrated. Avoiding salt can help you avoid bloat, as can avoiding caffeine. Though you may want shimmery, glowing skin, lotion can make your skin slick and less grippy.


Arrive Warm

Most pole dance photographers charge based on the amount of time you spend in front of the camera. Make sure to arrive at your appointment warm and ready to go to make the most of your time in front of the camera. If your photography experience is at a pole studio, arrive early to stretch and get warm. Not only will this help you jump right into your photography time, but it will also help lessen the risk of injuries caused by trying moves when you’re not warm.


Consider Using Grip

Even though you may not habitually use a grip aid, it can be very beneficial in pole dance photography. You’ll be holding positions for longer, and being steady is extremely important.


Don’t Ignore the Floor

Before you jump into your pole poses, try getting some shots on the floor. Some fun back arches, handstands, or sassy hair flips on the floor can help you loosen up, relax, and get used to being in front of the camera before you get up on the pole.



It can be easy to forget to breathe when you’re holding difficult poses. Make sure to breathe and keep your face relaxed. After all, you want your photos to look fabulous and effortless, not pained and tortured!


Point Your Toes



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