How To Make Red Lipstick Last

Only a few short days until the Fourth of July! If you want to rock red lips but are worried about the color not lasting all day, check out these 5 easy steps to help make red lipstick last all day.


Step One: Lip Preparation

As with any project, preparation is key! To make red lipstick last all day, make sure to prep your lips. The night before as well as the morning of, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or a simply toothbrush. This will remove any dead skin and keep your lips soft and flake-free, while improving circulation, which helps them look nice and full.


Now that your lips are free of flakes, lip balm is the next step to make red lipstick last. Apply to your lips and let it set for a few minutes. This will keep your lips plump, soft, and smooth during the lipstick application and through the day. After 2-5 minutes, remove the excess lip balm by gently wiping your lips with a tissue.


Step Two: Liner

Now that your lips are ready for product, it is time to begin! To make red lipstick last all day and look flawless, line your lips. This creates a boundary to prevent color from bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. The liner color is up to you; some ladies prefer to use one that matches the shade of lipstick they will be wearing, while others prefer one that is close to their skin tone.


Step Three: First Coat


It’s finally time to start applying lipstick! Carefully apply the first coat of lipstick and let it set for a few minute to ensure the color saturates your lips. Use a tissue to blot excess product off. Make sure not to apply the lipstick too thickly; that will make it clump and crease.


Step Four: Second Coat

Now that we have our base coat, it is time to apply the second coat of lipstick. Keep the application precise, and the layer thin. You don’t need a thick layer for solid color; several thin layers are better than one thick one.


Step Five: Finishing Touches

Red lipstick can be messy! It’s time to clean up any smears, smudges, or mistakes that may have been made during the application. Use a makeup brush dipped in makeup remover to banish any smudges or mistakes.


Now that your lip line is perfect, it’s time to lock it in! Use a makeup brush dipped in foundation to lock in the boundaries of your lipstick.


Finally, it’s time to set your lipstick to make your red lipstick last all day! Make sure you gently blot your lips to remove the last bits of excess products. Then take a tissue and separate the two layers. Place a single layer over your lips and use a powder makeup brush to gently dust translucent powder on and around your lips to set the color and avoid flakes. The thin layer will lock in the color without leaving tons of powder on your lips and dull the color.



Bonus Tips:


Be Prepared for Touch Ups

While these 5 steps should make red lipstick last, always be prepared for touch ups. Try to snag a sample size of your favorite red shade just in case an emergency touch-up is necessary.


Brush It On

Applying straight from the tube is quick and easy, but for red lipstick a lip brush is ideal. It will help get into the creases of your lips for fuller coverage, and it gives a more precise application (which is perfect, considering we are trying to make red lipstick last all day and any imperfections will be difficult to remove!).


Get A Pure Color

If you want to get the exact color of the lipstick, you may have to neutralize your natural lip shade. Do this by lightly applying concealer on your lips to minimize the pink tones of your lips. Make sure to blot to remove any excess product.



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