How to Look Tan in Boudoir Photos

Did you know that up until the early 20th century pale skin was preferred over tan? The ancient Romans would apply white chalk to their faces to provide the illusion of paler skin. Compared to the recent studies that found tanned people appeared the healthiest and most attractive, this is a big difference in public opinion.


When it comes to tanning, opinions vary. Some people love the look of tanned skin while others prefer the porcelain aesthetic. With popular skin tones ranging from Snooki to Dita Von Teese, there is a shade for everyone.


We want you to feel beautiful during your session; if you want a golden glow, this is the post for you. Though we do not recommend using a tanning bed, you can still get bronzed without being burnt. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for looking tan in boudoir photos.


Spray Tan:


If you decide you want to look tan in your boudoir photos, spray tans are typically the way to go. Not only will their professionals be able to help you select your ideal shade, they will also aid in application. This helps avoid missed spots that are difficult for you to reach, such as your back.


DO pick a salon you have experience with. A new salon/technician that does not know your skin may use a color that is too dark on you, or that your skin reacts poorly with. The last thing you want is to have hives in your boudoir photos!


DO get a mani/pedi before you have your tanning session. Some scrubs and acetone used in manicures and pedicures can remove your tan and result in uneven patches.


DO wear flip flops right after your spray tan. Sneakers and/or socks can rub off some of the tan around your ankles, which can show in your boudoir photos.


Self Tanner:


When done properly, self tanner can have amazing results. It has the benefit of being done in your own home, is often cheaper than having it done professionally, and it gives you complete control over how dark you choose to go. For the best results, make sure to read and follow these helpful tips.


DO try a test patch 24-48 hours before applying your tan, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is not uncommon for people to have adverse reactions to some of the chemicals, so testing can prevent a full-body reaction.


DO make sure you are hairless before application by waxing and/or shaving 24 to 12 hours in advance. This helps you apply the product smoothly, and avoids application on irritated skin. We recommend Just Wax It for all of your waxing needs.


DO exfoliate before applying self-tanner. Dead skin can result in a splotchy and uneven tan.


DO apply on clean, dry skin. The chemicals in products such as deodorant or scented lotions can react with the self-tanning chemicals and have undesirable results.


DO make sure to apply lotion on areas of dry skin. Heels, elbows, hands, and knees are particularly susceptible to absorbing extra lotion, resulting in orange splotches.


DO wear gloves when applying self tanner to avoid orange hands.


DO apply in front of a mirror to make sure you don’t miss any spots.


DON’T wear tight or light colored clothing right after applying your self tanner.


DON’T shower, bathe, swim, sweat, etc for at least 6 hours after applying.


DON’T rub yourself dry after a shower/swim/etc. Instead, DO pat dry to avoid removing your tan prematurely.


DON’T overapply. Many self-tanner products take up to 12 hours to fully develop, so wait at least 18 hours before applying a second coat to avoid being overly dark.


No matter how you choose to get your faux glow, make sure to check out these tips and tricks that apply to every kind of sunless tanning.


DO tan naked! You will be exposing a lot of skin during your boudoir session, make sure you don’t have tan lines.


DO make sure to pull your hair back to avoid missing spots. Long hair should be put in a bun.


DON’T forget to apply sunscreen when you head outside! You may appear tan, but you can still burn.


DON’T color your hair right before or after your tan to avoid chemical reactions.


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