How To Choose A Boudoir Photographer

So you’ve decided to do a boudoir photoshoot; now it’s time to choose a boudoir photographer! With boudoir photography skyrocketing in popularity, there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a photographer.


If you are feeling overwhelmed in your search for the perfect photographer, check out these 11 questions to ask yourself to help you choose a boudoir photographer. If you answer “no” to one or more of these questions, you may want to keep looking for a photographer that will better meet your needs.



Do You Like Their Work?

When you choose a boudoir photographer, the first step is making sure that you like their work. Check out their galleries on their website, social media profiles, etc. If you don’t like their body of work, you probably won’t like the images you receive of yourself. Make sure you think about the quality of the images, the posing, the lighting, everything. Different photographers have different styles; don’t settle for one you don’t completely love when the right one for you is out there.



Do You Feel Comfortable?

It’s normal to be nervous before your boudoir photoshoot. After all, most ladies don’t often get (almost) naked in front of strangers! While a little bit of nerves are expected, it is important to choose a boudoir photographer you are comfortable with and that you feel some sort of connection with for an ideal experience.


If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being photographed nude by a male, make sure to choose a boudoir photographer and boudoir photography studio that has an all-female staff. While our professional boudoir photography staff is all-female for your comfort and security, some studios operate with a male photographer, male/female teams, etc.



Are They In Your Budget?

There is nothing worse than finding a photographer you adore and falling in love with their work only to discover that they are hopelessly outside of your budget, or finding one you think is in your budget and discovering that hidden fees make the actual cost much higher than you originally anticipated.


When it is time to choose a boudoir photographer, make sure that you look at the total cost. Some boudoir photography studios have sitting fees, retouching fees, and more, which can quickly add up into a much higher cost than you were originally intending. Make sure you get an idea of what the comprehensive cost for your makeup and hairstyling, photography time, retouching, and any products will be so you can plan accordingly.


Be sure to ask where the shoot will take place. While we have a 3,300 square foot private studio available for boudoir photography sessions, some photographers require that you book a hotel room, which can add hundreds of dollars to the total cost.



Do Other People Recommend Them?

When it is time to choose a boudoir photographer, who better to ask for recommendations than past clients? To see what other ladies have to say, check out websites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Make sure to check out the hidden not-recommended reviews; Yelp in particular will hide lots of reviews that may have lots of good information!



Is The Quality Good?

Quality of work, products, and the entire experience are very important when you choose a boudoir photographer.


Make sure to choose someone who specializes in boudoir photography. This is particularly important if you aren’t completely comfortable in your body as posing and lighting are so important to create flattering images. Our studio specializes in boudoir and pinup photography, while others offer it as an add-on to wedding or engagement packages.


Experience is also important; while it may be cheaper to choose someone who is newer, their work won’t be as good as someone with years of experience and training like our staff. Having an inexperienced photographer will have a negative effect on your images as an expert, trained boudoir photographer will know how to get exactly what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.


Ask to view some of their available products. Some photographers use absolutely amazing printing companies, while others use cheaper options that won’t display your images in the way they deserve to be.



Do They Offer Retouching?

When you see boudoir photos online, some are completely unretouched, some have gentle retouching, and others are heavily retouched. When you choose a boudoir photographer, make sure they are willing and capable of doing the level of retouching you are interested in. Also, inquire if the retouching is included, or if there is an additional fee per image to have any retouching performed.



Can They Work With Your Time Frame?

Many ladies book a boudoir photoshoot for a particular occasion. Before you choose a boudoir photographer, make sure they can accommodate your time frame. Some photographers have images available for day-of viewing, some take one week, others take up to 6 weeks just to view your images. If you need your images by a certain date, make sure to address that before you book your boudoir photoshoot. Your photographer will be able to tell you if they can have all of your images and products ready in time.



What Display Options Do They Offer?

When you choose a boudoir photographer you are also, in a way, choosing how you will display your images. For example: if you decide you want a piece of art to hang in your house and your boudoir photographer only offers albums or small prints, you won’t get what you want. Make sure that you will be able to display your images, whether you want an album, digitals only, canvases, metal prints, loose prints, or more, exactly how you’d like before booking your boudoir photoshoot.



Is Makeup & Hairstyling Available?

When it comes to boudoir photography, having professional makeup and hairstyling makes a huge difference in the outcome of the images as discussed in our past blogs. When you choose a boudoir photographer, make sure they either work with a professional makeup artist, or can recommend an artist for you to visit before your photoshoot. That way you can feel confident and comfortable in your new, glam look and in front of the camera!




Are You Comfortable With Their Privacy Policy and Measures?

Boudoir photography is an intimate experience. While it leaves you feeling empowered and sexy, the actual process can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed. Many ladies are very concerned about privacy for good reason! Will there be other clients in the studio during your boudoir photoshoot?


Make sure to inquire about their privacy and image sharing policies. Many women do not want their images to be shared online for various reasons; some are concerns about repercussions on their career, others know that their significant other wouldn’t want them to be visible to others, and some ladies just don’t want anyone else to see them. Regardless of the reason, make sure that you understand and are comfortable with their policies before you choose a boudoir photographer. Some boudoir photography studios reserve the right to share all of your images, some only share the images you give them permission to, others won’t share any.



Are You Willing To Abide By Their Studio Policies?

Just as different businesses have different rules for their customers, photography studios have different policies for their photoshoots. When you choose a boudoir photographer, make sure you are willing to abide by their studio policies. Some studios only photograph married ladies, some do not offer nude photography, others have a strict policy against weapons. Make sure to ask for their policies on anything you have your heart set on before booking to ensure you aren’t disappointed.


What did you look for when you needed to choose a boudoir photographer?


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One Response to How To Choose A Boudoir Photographer

  1. Luke Yancey says:

    I’ve never really researched boudoir photography, but you made a lot of very good points. I like that you touched on comfort. Because boudoir photography is a little more revealing than other forms, it is extremely important that the client feels comfortable with whoever has the camera. The photographer can be the best in the business, but if his client isn’t comfortable with him, the pictures won’t turn out very well.

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