Flattering Lingerie for Full-Figures

As professional boudoir photographers in Houston, we are frequently asked: “What do I wear?” The fact is, there is no one item fits all when it comes to selecting flattering lingerie. Due to this, we have decided to introduce a series to help ladies of all shapes and sizes select lingerie that flatters their body type.


Today’s body type is full-figured.


We at Warwick Boudoir believe the female form is beautiful regardless of size, shape, color, etc. We also love curves. Full-figured ladies are lucky enough to have lots of them! However, they aren’t always sure how to showcase them or dress for them.


Here are some of our tips and tricks to help you select flattering lingerie for your full-figure.


To Wear:


Well Fitting Pieces

Although it can be tempting to size up for more coverage or size down in hopes things will be held in place better, don’t. Properly sized items will be infinately more flattering than baggy or overly tight ones. Sizing up can make you look frumpy, while wearing items that are too small can create the dreaded muffin top, and the illusion that you are larger than you really are. The most flattering piece our clients bring in is usually the one that fits the best.


Pieces With Support

As I mentioned before, we love the curves that full-figured ladies have and rock in our studio. However, with great curves comes great responsibility! While some ladies can get away with super thin straps, full figured ladies should look for pieces with thicker straps. Thin straps will dig into your shoulder; thick straps will help distribute the weight of your curves on your shoulder, making it more comfortable for you and more visually appealing in the images. Underwire pieces are also highly recommended, as they provide excellent support and structure, and are extremely flattering on the body.


High Waisted Panties/Garters

High-waisted panties and/or garters are versatile pieces. Though they can give a retro look, they can also help keep certain areas of concern “tucked away”, and provide a flattering silhouette. These are especially great for ladies who have a bra they really want to wear in their session, but aren’t comfortable exposing their stomach. Lace-topped pieces are the best; an abrupt elastic waist can cut into your stomach and can make your torso appear shorter and wider than it actually is. Lace waistbands provide a smoother, more comfortable, and flattering transition from fabric to skin.



The corset is a universally flattering lingerie piece. However, different styles look best on different body types. The ideal corset for a full-figured woman is one that covers the bust and comes to the hips or passes them. By covering the bust, the corset provides the necessary support (and a nice lift!), while the longer line helps smooth out any lumps and bumps you may not be overly fond of. When shopping for a bustier, full figured ladies need to be careful not to select one with too much of a boost; otherwise you run the risk of spilling out of your lingerie. Look for a bustier that comes to or past the hips, that has flattering detailing, and that has an underwire. Avoid ones with too many ruffles and/or ruching; this can give the appearance of areas being larger than they really are.



We hear over and over how slimming black is. Although this is true, colors can be flattering as well. If your favorite color is pink, or you love wearing blue to match your eyes, go for it! Your curves are stunning, and personality is sexy.



To Avoid:



While some body types need a little bit of fluff to maximize their curves, full figured ladies do not have that problem. Adding ruffles to an already voluptuous figure can add the appearance of extra weight, and can hide your stunning curves. Stick with pieces that are simple in structure for the most flattering lingerie look.


Cluttered Fabric

As with fluff, “cluttered” fabric can add the appearance of extra weight, and detract from your figure. Prints such as florals can make you appear larger while ones such as chevron, though visually slimming, can very quickly date your pictures and turn them from a reminder of how stunning you are to “What was I thinking?”. If you love patterns, lace is always an excellent choice, as are classic stripes.


Hiding Your Shape

Many full-figured ladies bring in oversize, shapeless items because they don’t want to expose certain areas. While this can help them feel more comfortable, they don’t photograph particularly well. Your curves are stunning, now show them off! If you aren’t comfortable showing your stomach, try on some babydolls. Look for one with an underwire and sheerness. Solid, opaque babydolls can add the appearance of extra weight around the midsection; sheerness allows us to see your figure without leaving you exposing more than you are comfortable with.


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