Find Your Perfect Summer Workout

It may be almost time for school to start up again, but we still have plenty of summer weather left! Take advantage of the long days and warm weather with a summer workout!


Whether your style leans more towards relaxed, fun and funky, or competitive, try one (or all!) of these activities for a perfect summer workout.


Beach Volleyball

If your swimsuit provides adequate support, try beach volleyball! It is the perfect summer workout for someone who wants to get a full-body workout while having a ton of fun! Sand is flexible, so it requires more effort to traverse. The movements required to reach and hit the ball use nearly every muscle in the body, while the action of coming into contact with the ball helps promote good hand/eye coordination and decreases reaction time.


Beach Yoga

Beach yoga is the perfect summer workout for both beginner and advanced yogis alike. The sand makes balancing more difficult, so your muscles get a more intense workout. Since yoga is a full-body exercise, this helps with overall toning while being low-impact and easy on your joints. The sand allows you to sink in to the stretches, allowing you to get a deeper stretch than what you usually do at your studio of choice, and the atmosphere provides the perfect situation to relax and enjoy the moment.



If you’d prefer to avoid the high-impact of running and want to be out in nature instead of walking around your neighborhood, hiking may be your perfect summer workout. Not only does it help improve your cardiovascular health, it strengthens your lower body and helps burn calories to help you manage your weight. If you want a more challenging hike, pick a technically difficult trail. This will require more balance and strength, which will give you a more intense workout.


Hula Hooping

If you’re looking for a summer workout with an artistic flair, try hula hooping! The hip motions will help stretch and strengthen your spine, while giving you an incredible ab and core workout. If you move the hoop to other body parts and do isolations (for example: using your arm), hooping can easily be a total body workout. The dance aspect of hula hooping makes it the perfect summer workout for someone who wants to get a workout while having fun.



If you’d prefer a low-impact exercise that allows you to sit but still works your legs, kayaking or canoeing may be your perfect summer workout. You will strengthen your upper body and core through paddling, and using your legs to balance and push will help tone your lower body. Like most water workouts, the difficulty and intensity will depend on where you are. A calm, flat surface will be easier and more beginner-friendly than choppy surf.



Paddleboarding is the perfect summer workout for people of all fitness levels! Maintaining your balance requires lots of muscle activation in your legs, and paddling uses your upper body and back, as well as your core. The level of difficulty will depend on where you are. If you’re on a small lake, it will be easier than paddleboarding in the ocean where there are more waves.



If you’re feeling nostalgic, give skating a shot! Skating is a great summer workout for someone who wants a full-body aerobic workout that will improve his or her health while being tons of fun! Unlike running, skating is low impact on your knees and the fluid movements help you tone your legs and develop long, lean muscles. If you’re going to give skating a shot, make sure to be safe! If you’re going to be skating outdoors on rough or uneven surfaces, make sure to wear proper padding and protection to avoid injury!



Who doesn’t love a summer workout that keeps you cool even in the Texas heat?

Swimming is a phenomenal workout people of any fitness level. One of the perks of swimming is the reduced amount of stress on the body. Bodies are buoyant, so the water lifts some of the strain of weight off your joints, which makes swimming ideal for those with joint/arthritis issues. While the water lifts some of your weight, it also provides more resistance than moving through air. This means that you will be doing strength training in addition to cardio, giving you a complete full-body workout. You get to use a complete range of motion (think arm/shoulder rotation to swim versus lifting weights), which can help improve flexibility and range of motion.


What is your favorite summer workout?


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