Fall Beauty Trends Inspired By Fashion Week

As with most seasonal fashions, our favorite fall beauty trends originated on the catwalk of Fashion Week and were adapted to be more wearable. This season, natural is out and bold statement fall beauty is the trend to rock.


One of the most popular fall beauty trends are bold, attention grabbing eye looks in every style. For an edgy look, try using your favorite black eyeliner in a new, stylized way. Squared edges, multiple lines, and graphic details let you take your favorite look and update it for a new fall beauty look. Take your liner to extremes for an editorial look for a wild night out, or simply square the edges of your classic cat eye for a look that is on trend, yet wearable.


If precisely applied eyeliner isn’t your style, the revamped smokey eye is the perfect fall beauty trend for you. For a wearable look, try a black smokey eye that echoes the sassy shape of a cat eye. To keep this look from being too dark, opt for a nude shadow on the lid. For a funky night out look, combine two of the popular fall beauty looks and incorporate some glitter into your smokey eye. Small glitter accents can add a bit of shimmer and sparkle. To keep this look from being overdone, stick with a single shade of glitter. Dark colors manage to combine elegance and fun as long as they are used properly.


If you’d rather showcase your lips instead of your eyes, go for a neutral eye look and wear a lipstick based fall beauty trend instead. Unlike last winter’s more natural look, this fall will be all about deep, dark lips in plum or black in every style (glossy, matte, shimmer, etc). To avoid looking overdone, skip the trendy eyeliner and eye shadow and keep your eyes neutral and natural. For a more wearable lip look, get out the gloss! Ultra glossy lips are one of the top fall beauty trends. They are easy to apply and wear, and can be worn in any shade from black to clear depending on the occasion.


For the ladies who don’t care for dark eye makeup or lip looks: you are in luck! There is a funky, bright fall beauty trend: fluorescent makeup! Neon, almost glowing colors will look fantastic on your fading summer tan. If you like a bold eye look, bright blue eyeliner was all over the runways. To embrace your inner girly girl, neon pink blush or lipstick gives a strong, feminine look while adding a fabulous pop of color. Be careful though; this fall beauty trend is easy to over-do. Pick one feature and focus on that to avoid looking like you got lost on your way home from a rave!


What fall beauty trend is your favorite?


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