Eating Before a Boudoir Session

Our clients share so many wonderful stories with us during their appointments with us, so I have decided to share a piece of my life as well. I was adopted. It was a closed adoption, so I have never met my birth-parents. However, I am convinced of one thing: I’m 99% sure I am part Hobbit.


I eat. A lot. I pretty much keep to the Shire meal schedule of Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper, and Dinner. Occasionally I even add in one (or two!) midnight snacks. If I don’t eat enough, I become irrational, irritable, and frustrated. My friends have a special word for when my need for nourishment overwhelms my normal sunny disposition: hangry. I get so hungry I become angry for no apparent reason. When this happens I don’t particularly like anyone or anything, and I feel awful. This is why it completely baffles me that some ladies come in for their session having not eaten anything in hours and hours.


Here are some of our tips and tricks to smart eating before a boudoir session.


DO eat a healthy light meal or snack before your photo session.

We recommend some veggies (carrot or celery sticks, an apple with peanut butter, etc). This will help you focus on us instead of your hunger. If your boudoir photography session begins in the afternoon, DO eat a good breakfast and have a light meal for lunch. Our sessions generally last several hours, so you need to be fueled!


DO make sure to get enough protein.

When eating before a boudoir session, protein is key! Small amounts of protein will make a big difference in your energy level.


DO feel free to bring a snack or a power drink.

Some people have trouble eating before a boudoir session due to nerves. While that is perfectly understandable, it can lead to you being extremely hungry and unfocused. To avoid any problems, make sure to bring something to ingest during the breaks in your boudoir photography session. Just be sure not to muss your lipstick!


DO be hydrated!

Okay, so this technically isn’t eating before a boudoir session. However, it is just as (if not more) important. Keeping your water intake up will prevent bloating/water retention, and will help your skin appear radient.


DO avoid foods/liquids that can stain your teeth, and DO brush your teeth after you eat.

You may be eating all the right things, but be careful! We love getting a few pictures of your beautiful smiles, and we would hate for you to have seeds stuck in your teeth or a less than gleaming smile.


DON’T stuff yourself the night before or the day of your photo session.

When eating before a boudoir session it is important to remember moderation. Over-eating on the day of your Houston boudoir photography session can leave you with the dreaded “food baby”, and eating too much the night before can leave you feeling queasy on the day of.


DON’T eat salty/greasy food the night before or the day of your photo session.

I love fries as much as the next girl, but I make sure to avoid them when I am eating before a boudoir session. Salty foods can cause water retention, and greasy food can make you feel less-than-foxy. That is the last thing you want before you come in for a boudoir photo shoot!


DON’T starve yourself!

The importance of eating before a boudoir session cannot be overstated. Not only is it extremely unhealthy, we have clients become lightheaded and a little bit dizzy due to a lack of food. This has a clear negative affect on the outcome of the images, and we may need to end your session early due to safety concerns.


DON’T crash diet.

While we think you are beautiful as you are, we understand that there may be some areas you want to tone up. Crash dieting is NOT the way to do that. In fact, it can leave you not only feeling weak, but also appearing bloated. When it comes to eating before a boudoir session, stick with what works. Don’t try anything new and crazy.


DON’T drink lots of caffine!

Some people can handle more than others. If you aren’t used to having caffine, introducing it (or more than you are accustomed to) into your diet on a day you are already nervous can leave you feeling even more jittery.


Finally, DO plan on eating after your session!

You look fabulous, you feel sexy, and you’re probably starving. Take your sultry look out on a dinner date (this also works as a great explaination why you are all done up if the pictures are a surprise!)


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