Easy Maternity Lingerie for the Mom-To-Be

Being pregnant isn’t exactly easy. After all, you are growing a human inside of you! Between morning sickness, heartburn, insomnia, and baby-proofing your home, it can be hard to find time for romance. Romance doesn’t have to take a lot of effort; here are four pieces of maternity lingerie that are quick, easy, and comfortable for a mom-to-be.


Maternity Teddy

As maternity lingerie goes, you will hard pressed to find a piece of lingerie that is quicker and easier than putting on a maternity teddy. There are tons of options ranging from basic to embellished, so there is something for everyone! They are soft, stretchy, and are created specifically for a body changing during pregnancy.


Tank Top and Panties

If girl-next-door sexy is your style, this is the pregnancy lingerie for you! Not only are they pieces you (probably) already own and can wear over and over, they are also pieces that work perfectly for a pregnant body. The tank top gives you the option to rock a regular tank, maternity tank, your own bra, or a build in bra. As for the panties: you can choose as much or as little coverage as you want, as plain or embellished as you’d like, etc. The options are endless!


A Robe

I know I’ve been talking about robes a lot lately (check out our blog Robes in Boudoir Photography for more information), but it is only because they are stunning! A sheer robe over anything…or nothing…is a quick and easy piece of maternity lingerie. Completely adjustable, robes are available in every length, color, style, fabric, and opacity. The idea that there is nothing but a loosely tied belt keeping you covered will drive him crazy!


Maternity Babydoll

Similar to a teddy, a babydoll typically has a looser and flowier fit, which makes it the perfect piece of maternity lingerie for a baby bump! Most babydolls have a split on the front of the piece, leaving a strip in the middle of the stomach bare. When shopping for maternity lingerie, support is not to be overlooked. One of the main concerns with babydolls is that many of them tend to be unstructured. While this is fine for ladies with small busts, most ladies who are expecting tend to require more support. Make sure to find a babydoll that provides a comfortable amount of support for your breasts.


What kind of maternity lingerie would you recommend to someone looking for a quick, easy, and comfortable option?


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