Dressing For Houston Texans Football Boudoir Photos

Football season is starting and you know what that means! All across America, sports fans will be glued to the television on game night. If you (or your special someone!) are big fans of the Houston Texans, check out these 6 ways to incorporate your love of the Houston Texans in your football boudoir photos!


Texans Football

When it comes to Houston Texans football boudoir photos, what better prop to have than a Texans football? Luckily our boudoir photography has one available for clients to use, so you don’t have to bring your own. Footballs are the perfect boudoir photography props because they can be used in lots of different ways! We can set it in the background, you can hold it at your side, or (if you are daring!) you can hold it to strategically cover certain areas of your body! No matter what your preference is, a Texans football is the perfect prop.


Texans Jersey

You may not immediately consider a Texans jersey to be sexy, but I guarantee our professional Houston boudoir photographers can take a baggy jersey and make it the perfect piece for Texans football boudoir photos. His jersey may look like a dress on you, but some strategic boudoir posing and positioning will have it looking even better than your favorite little black dress!


Texans Undies

We see a ton of Victoria’s Secret lingerie in our studio, and for good reason: their stuff photographs phenomenally! If you’re a fan of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and are looking for the perfect outfit for some Houston Texans football boudoir photos, try a pair of their NFL themed undies! They are cute, comfy, and show your team spirit.


Texans Tank Top

We like to start our boudoir photoshoots with a piece of clothing that offers a bit more coverage than the rest of your outfits. After all, most ladies are a little bit uncomfortable at first! A Texans tank top is the perfect outfit to begin your football boudoir photoshoot. You can pair it with anything from boyshorts to skimpy panties to nothing, so feel free to show as much or as little skin as you’d like!


Texans Hat

While a hat can squish your hair, if used correctly, a Texans hat can be the perfect accessory for your Texans football boudoir photos! It gives a flirty, girl-next door look for your photos, with the added bonus of reminding him just how stunning you look in your photos every time he sees you wear it!


Texans Socks

If you want a girl-next-door look for your football boudoir photos, try slipping on a pair of Houston Texans socks for your photoshoot! They look fabulous when paired with a jersey, or even nothing at all! Texans socks are the perfect way to show your love for the team without going crazy with battle red in your photos.


What would you wear for Houston Texans football boudoir photos?


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