Decode Your Boudoir Photography Lipstick

For a while, it seemed like everyone was bringing in pictures of eye makeup that they absolutely loved and wanted to try during their boudoir photography session. We saw sultry smokey eyes, retro-inspired cat-eyes, and even some fun colorful eyes featuring blue eyeliner. However, lately everyone has been all about boudoir photography lipstick! We have had tons of clients bring in their favorite shades, and request that we build their look around that.


If you’re trying to figure out what color of boudoir photography lipstick you should rock, check out our quick and easy guide to decoding your boudoir photography lipstick color!



The great thing about choosing nude boudoir photography lipstick is that it is subtle and can go with any lingerie without clashing. It works particularly well for ladies who want a super intense, smokey eye; during a Houston boudoir photography session, we try to pick one focal point on your face to avoid an overdone, cluttered feeling. Nude lips allow the eyes to be that focal point. However, it also works for ladies who want a very natural look with soft lips and eyes.


Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is another popular boudoir photography lipstick color. It is soft, pretty, and feminine, which makes it perfect for ladies who are seeking the sweet and sexy girl-next-door look. Like nude lipstick, pale pink lipstick can be used with soft, natural eyes or super smokey eyes.


Bright Pink/Coral/Tangerine

The brighter the boudoir photography lipstick, the bolder the look! Colors like bright pink, coral, tangerine, etc are bold and trendy, yet still manage to be beautifully playful. If you choose to go with this stand-out look, make sure to pick your lingerie carefully. The brighter the boudoir photography lipstick, the greater chance that it will clash with brightly colored lingerie. If you choose lingerie that is the exact same color of your lipstick, your images can appear oversaturated.



A traditional color for boudoir photography lipstick, red lips evoke feelings of power, passion, and lust. They are incredibly sexy, and manage to add a classic yet risque look to images. If you want Old Hollywood Glamour Photos, red lips are the way to go. Due to the boldness of the lip, we recommend a more subdued eye look if you want red lips. A bold cat-eye looks fabulous, as does a soft, natural eye. If you go with red boudoir photography lipstick, try to stick with neutral colored lingerie. Pinks tend to clash, greens can look holiday inspired, and if you don’t match your red lingerie with your red lips it can be distracting to the eye.



Plum boudoir photography lipstick is a trend that is on the rise. The deep tones are hyper-edgy and sultry. When done on pale skin, the pop of color is unbelievable; it also works very well for dark skin. Although it can be intimidating, plum boudoir photography lipstick is ideal for ladies who want a stand out look and aren’t afraid to take that risk. When you choose to go with plum boudoir photography lipstick, make sure you pick lingerie that matches! This edgy color works best with deep tones; it can look out of place with frilly, pastel boudoir photography lingerie.



No matter what look you want, our professional boudoir photography team will help you pick the perfect shades to get beautiful, classy boudoir photos.


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