Confidence is Sexy!

I would say about only 20% of our clients allow us to post a few of their select pictures for other people to see.  But sometimes we meet a woman with enough confidence to let us use her entire set!  So we would like to say a special thanks to Ms. D.  She loved her photos and had no problems being put up for other girls to see how good they too can look. And to think she was nervous? You can’t even tell! I think it’s such a great thing because it helps other girls see how sexy they can look in photographs.  Our pinup girls don’t mind having their pictures posted but boudoir can be a little touchy because of the diversity of our ladies occupations and the intimate style of the pictures.  We totally understand and respect our client’s wishes for their photos to remain private.  But we have to give a special shout out to those ladies who are willing to bare it all, figuratively speaking.



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