Christmas Boudoir Photography Wardrobe

It may only be October, but it is never too early to book your Christmas boudoir photography session! To get Christmas boudoir photos that feel Christmassy without crossing the line to cliché, try these boudoir photography wardrobe styling tips. Whether you are naughty or nice, Christmas boudoir photos are the perfect gift!


Christmas Boudoir Styling

When it comes to wardrobe and styling for Christmas boudoir photography, you can show as little or as much as you want!


If You’re Nice…

For a sweet look for your Christmas boudoir photos, try wearing a soft sweater! Not only will it feel nice and snuggly, it gives a soft, playfully sexy girl-next-door kind of look. A sweater is a great look to start with because it provides plenty of coverage, so you don’t feel too exposed while you get comfortable in front of the camera.


If a sweater isn’t really your style, flannel is another great option for your Christmas boudoir photography outfit. Try a flannel button-up shirt to show as little or as much as you’d like or, for something different, flannel pajamas! Pajama shorts and a tank top are a great outfit that is as comfortable as it is cute. For an extra Christmassy feel, pick red and green flannel!


Finally, don’t forget your accessories! Tall socks are the perfect accessory for winter boudoir photos. You can choose any color, and it is a nice change from the bare feet, high heels, and stockings that you will probably be using later in your Christmas boudoir photoshoot.



If You’re Naughty…

If you want a naughty look for your Christmas boudoir photos, it is hard to go wrong with lingerie! Red lingerie looks amazing on all skin tones and is the perfect way to get a festive feeling. While we love silk, lace, satin, and most other fabrics, skip the red velvet lingerie. Not only does it not photograph ideally, it can look cliché instead of classy. White lingerie is another good option, but can give a bridal feeling instead of a holiday look so be cautious when shopping.


If you’re feeling extra naughty, try wearing nothing for your Christmas boudoir photos! Our professional boudoir photography staff will pose you in a way that will be super sultry, but still classy. We offer fine art nude photography and nude boudoir photography, so we can match your personal style. If nude is a bit too much for you, bring in your favorite blanket or borrow one of our white sheets. We will wrap you up and pose you in the blanket to give sexy peeks of skin without you being totally exposed.


Contact us at or at 713 – 248 – 3300 to book your Christmas boudoir photography session. Don’t delay; dates are already filling up!


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