Christmas Boudoir Beauty

It’s almost November and our staff has been having a wonderful time doing Christmas boudoir photography sessions!


If you’re interested in giving a sexy gift but haven’t quite figured out what Christmas boudoir beauty look you want, don’t worry! Our professional makeup artist will help create the perfect look for you. All you have to do is let her know whether you are going for a Christmas boudoir beauty look that is naughty or nice.



A nice Christmas boudoir beauty look is the perfect look for ladies who want a more natural, flirty look instead of all out sexpot vixen. Natural doesn’t mean boring; we will create a customized look for you that fits your style and that you are comfortable with.


Instead of going for a full out, black smokey eye, choose a more natural Christmas boudoir beauty look. This can mean a barely there look that looks minimal, or a soft smokey eye created with brown shades. As always, our Houston professional makeup artist will recommend false lashes. However, she will use ones that are appropriate for the look you are going for.


When it comes to your lips, consider a nice neutral color. A soft pink will give a romantic, flirty look, and colors in the nude family will look amazing as well without giving the same soft look that pink does.



If you’re naughty, a bold look will be perfect for your Christmas boudoir beauty look!


To play up your gorgeous eyes, consider a super dark smokey eye with a neutral lip. Our professional makeup artist will help you choose the perfect shade and shape for you! To get extra glam, two layers of false lashes will give you luscious lashes that can’t be ignored.


If you love your lips, bold, statement lips will highlight them and draw the focus directly to them. Red lipstick is perfect for a glam look for retro glamour photos, while a deeper color like plum gives a modern elegant, mysterious, and edgy feel for your Christmas boudoir beauty look and photos.


To book a boudoir photoshoot with a customized Christmas boudoir beauty look, contact us at or at 713 – 248 – 3300.


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