Caring For Boudoir Photography Lingerie

Let’s be honest: laundry isn’t everyone’s favorite chore. Personally, I like it. I find it absolutely magical that a machine exists that spits out clean, nice smelling clothes an hour and a half after I dump dirty clothes and some soap in.


What I don’t find magical is dingy lingerie, or clean lingerie that has been damaged while being washed.


When you come in for your session, it is important to have clean, nice boudoir photography lingerie. To some ladies this means buying as many new pieces as they plan on using during their session. However, other ladies want to wear pieces that they have owned for a while and some they have worn before.


Today’s blog will help you wash your delicates properly, extending their longevity and maintaining beautiful colors and keeping delicate fabrics intact. While most males can just throw their undies in with the rest of their clothes, those of us who opt to wear more delicate pieces need to take a bit more care. These tips can be applied to your boudoir photography lingerie, or your everyday unmentionables.


DO wash your boudoir photography lingerie before coming in for your session. Items can look dingy from simply sitting in a closet, even if they haven’t been worn. Washing them ensures a fresh, bright look and feel for your images.


DO hand-wash your boudoir photography lingerie. If you’d rather use a machine, use the “Handwash” or “Delicate” cycle to prevent damage.


DO put your intimates in mesh bags. This helps prevent claps/zippers/etc from snagging delicate fabric, and sparkles from falling off.


DO wash your lingerie in warm or cold water.


DO make sure bras are hooked in the back before putting them in the washer. Not doing so can lead to twisted and possibly even torn garments.


DO avoid washing delicate lingerie with rougher fabrics (such as jeans). The friction can quickly lead to pills and snags.


DO ALWAYS wash corsets and bustiers by hand. Even the gentlest cycle in the washing machine can lead to bent or misshapen boning.


DO use gentle detergent. Several brands make lingerie-specific detergents.


DON’T put underwire or padded bras in heavy loads. Doing so runs the risk of deforming or even breaking the underwire and misshaping padding. This can lead to an uneven or unnaturally shaped appearance.


DON’T put lingerie in the dryer. Either hang items, or lay flat and reshape items to dry. DO hang items like camisoles, and DO lay bras flat.


DON’T wash towels and lingerie in the same load. The lint from towels tends to cling to the fabrics typically used in lingerie.


DON’T use bleach. This degrates the elastic and materials used to make lingerie and can easily lead to damage and discoloring.


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