Boudoir Photography Shoots

The Experience

  1. Get in contact with us.  We have done this a time or two, we like to think 5 minutes on the phone can answer most, if not all your questions.
  2. Pick out some sexy stuff. We are available to help pick out some fun and sexy things to wear.  We are an endless supply of ideas and like to keep your shoot as original and personal as you would like it.
  3. Bring yourself to the shoot.
  4. Decide how you would like your pictures displayed.  We offer many different products from prints to hardbound books.  This is not stuff you would get down the street this is the very best quality paper and binding you can get.

Hair and Make Up

Having professional hair and makeup done for you shoot really makes photos look better.  Our make-up artist has years of experience and a natural talent for making women look like knock outs.  Our make up artists have an impressive resume and are one of Houston’s most requested bridal artists available.

What to Wear

Boudoir and pin-up photography takes many shapes and forms and can be casual or exciting as you want.  Wardrobe helps set a tone for the shots and what you are looking to achieve.  Using your personality and goals as a guideline, we can help you pick out that perfect outfit.

Finding some lingerie

Houston has many places to shop for some sexy outfits.  If you haven’t passed by one of these shops contact us so we can help you find a location.  We also have a great selection of lingerie, pinup attire, and shoes at our studio boutique.


There are many fun things to try for one of his special fantasies.  Maybe he has always liked the naughty nurse, sexy secretary or maybe a French maid…..the possibilities are endless.  A lot of clients bring in their husbands work uniform (police, fireman, pilot) or favorite team jersey, it’s all up to you.


Our professional staff is extremely fun to work with.  Put your self at ease about skipping the gym last week or all last year.  We have seen all shapes and sizes through our lenses and we know how to make them all look their very best.  Even if you’re not exactly happy with a certain part we offer professional retouching of your photographs.


Please keep in mind that we recommend booking your session for at least a month before the big day. That way there is minimal stress about your items being ready. Remember: you don’t see your images immediately. Photo retouching is a time-consuming process that we put lots of effort and detail into. You will see your retouched digital images approximately 7-14 days after your photo session in your private photo reveal session, which is where you will select your images and make any additional purchases. Although we do have a professional photographic printer in-studio, albums, canvases, prints larger than 16×20, and other miscellaneous items must be ordered.