Boudoir Photography Session Preparation Exercises

When it comes to a boudoir photography session, most ladies want to be as prepared as possible. After all, for some it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Here are our top 5 exercises to practice before you come in for your boudoir photography session:


Arching Your Back

During your boudoir photography session, our professional boudoir photographer will pose you from head to toe. Most of these boudoir poses involve arching your back in some way; arching your back creates some sultry curves, flattens out the stomach, and provides a nice boost for your breasts. You don’t have to hold it for a very long time, just long enough to get some gorgeous lingerie photos. Before you come in for your photoshoot, try arching your back.


Pointing Your Toes

It may seem like a minor detail, but pointing your toes in your boudoir photography photos will make a huge difference in the end result. Not only does pointing your toes make your legs look longer and keeps you feet from looking flat and awkward, it engages the muscles in your legs which will make them look nice and toned. Remember: engaging those muscles can be a little tiring! Make sure to practice pointing your toes before your lingerie photoshoot to avoid your legs cramping during your boudoir photography session.


Relaxing Your Face

When preparing for your boudoir photography session, it can be tempting to practice your sexy face. After all, most ladies are worried that their sultry look won’t translate on camera! Instead of practicing your sexy face, practice relaxing your face. We will help you get the perfect expression for your lingerie photos; don’t worry about trying to get it right before you come in. What most ladies struggle with is relaxing their forehead. Take some time to practice moving your eyes without moving your eyebrows. This will help avoid surprised expressions and forehead wrinkles and creases in your lingerie photos.


Walking In Heels

While wearing high heels for your boudoir photography session isn’t required, most ladies choose to do so anyways. After all, they make legs look long and lean, and position your body to enhance your assets. If you don’t have a lot of experience wearing heels, make sure you practice standing in them before your lingerie photoshoot! You don’t need to be able to walk far in them, just stand and balance in them for your lingerie photos.



As always, confidence is the most important thing to practice before, during, and after your boudoir photography session. Keep your chin up, your shoulders back, and your head held high.


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