Blushing Bride Before-And-After – Client Spotlight – Miss S

A few weeks ago we featured the lovely Miss C, seen here. What we didn’t mention was that she came with a friend, the stunning Miss S.

Miss S

Both ladies were engaged, and both wanted presents for their fiancees that would completely wow them.


I’d say Miss S definitely accomplished her goal.

Miss S

One of the main questions we are asked is if we have someone who can do hair and make-up. We absolutely do. Hair and make-up for photography is very different than what is worn every day.


This is the Before-and-After from Miss S.


As you can see, she was beautiful before with her gorgeous eyes and lovely skin. However, after she had her make-up done by our professional her eyes are even more stunning, and her skin is more radiant…if those things are even possible!


When you’re having professional pictures done, often more than 30% of your make-up is washed out, and faces lose their dimensionality. Highlighting and contouring is very important, as it helps maintain a 3-dimensional look in a two-dimensional picture. Eyelashes can disappear, which is why our professionals apply false lashes for that luscious look.

Miss S

If you’re looking for an unbeatable wedding gift, a birthday gift your special someone will never forget, or an experience just for you, we will be more than happy to help you.

Miss S

Contact us to set up a complementary consultation or schedule your session.

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