Beauty Trends This Winter

Many of this winter’s beauty trends have come in straight from the runway. The overall consensus appears to be: lips are out, dramatic eyes are back in. Also back on trend is the natural look, ballerina buns, and cornrows.


The eyes were certainly played up and have returned as the focus point of makeup artists. Nearly every designer show-cased neutrals in eye shadows. Taupes were the most prominent of colors and strived for a healthy, natural look. In addition to neutrals in shadows, super long false lashes remain an on point style for this winter. Still hanging on from the fall season is bold blue shadow. Bronze and gold were seen at several shows as a color for both eyes and lips.


One of the biggest surprises showcased on the runways for the winter season was the shocking return of cornrows. Designers from Alexander McQueen to Givenchy had models sporting the look. If cornrows are not really your style, the gently tousled ballerina bun remained a top hairstyle. Ballerina buns were often shown with light neutral purple and pink makeup. Also in hair trends were side swept parts.


Probably one of the most common and arguably beautiful looks that has always remained chic both on the runway and in real life is the no-makeup-makeup look. Natural hair and natural makeup alike have been hot on trend for years past and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


When it came to nails, many designers stuck with the natural theme and went for the nude nail look. Classic red and black solid nails will be popular this winter season as well. Women who want to walk a little more on the wild side can explore metallic and nail art inspired looks in coordinating bright colors. With appliques, hand painted designs and even rhinestones, there is no wrong way to do nails this winter season.


What look is your current favorite winter beauty trend?


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