Beauty and Style for Pole Dance Photography

We have had a blast doing pole dance photography sessions both in our studio and at some of Houston’s best pole fitness studios!


Here are our favorite tips and tricks to looking absolutely fabulous during your pole fitness and pole dance photography session.


Style for Pole Dance Photography


Keep It Simple


With pole fitness pole dance photography, less is more when it comes to your wardrobe styling. Don’t overdo it with tons of costume pieces and wacky outfits; while we loved themed dance photography, a pole fitness photoshoot is all about you and your movement. Crazy costumes and clothes can be distracting from the real star: you!


If you want to theme your pole dance photography session, an underlying theme can be nice. For example: all black outfits that are different (one flowy, one strappy, etc), all bright colors, very sporty, etc.



Wardrobe for Pole Dance Photography


For a pole fitness pole dance photography session, we recommend having multiple outfit options depending on how/where you are planning to display your images, and who will be seeing them. For example: if you want to show off your skills to your parents and family but don’t want to show too much skin, a pair of shorts and a tank top is a great outfit. Some of our favorite pole dance photos haven’t been in “traditional” pole wear. Think denim shorts, a sports bra, and sneakers! If you’re interesting in competing and need a photo to submit, bring an outfit that you would wear to perform in. In our boudoir photography studio we have photographed ladies in all states of undress from fully clothed to full nude. If you want to embrace your sensual side and wear some lingerie (or nothing at all) for your pole dance photography session, go ahead! (Keep in mind that a studio may have wardrobe restrictions if we are doing an on-location photoshoot; our studio policy is to cooperate with any restrictions placed on a location).


Remember to consider what pole poses to do in which outfits. A long, flowy skirt will look phenomenal in a post with motion, but will be messy during inversions.



Beauty for Pole Dance Photography


With pole dance photography, most of the photos taken will be ¾ or full-body shots. However, even pole fitness photography needs a bit of beauty guidance!


Leave It


As a pole dancer, you know that lotion can quickly become your arch nemesis when it is applied too close to when you dance. Make sure to avoid lotion so you can stick to the pole.


While glitter and sparkles may feature on lots of pole dance outfits and competition stages, skip them for your pole dance photography session. While a flash of sparkle may look great on stage, on camera it can look spotty and distracting.



Most of your pole dance photography photos probably won’t be focused on your face, but that doesn’t mean that your beauty look isn’t important. Your hairstyle can elevate your photos, or make them fall flat. If you have long hair, make sure to give your hair some volume and movement. Super stiff locks don’t flow, and tend to look less than ideal. Loose curls look phemononal when you are rightside up, upside down, and everything in-between!


When it comes to your pole dance photography makeup, you don’t need to go overboard. Long lashes and good contouring will look phenomenal. You can go super natural or super glammed up, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.



What style would you choose for your Houston pole fitness photography session?


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