Accessorizing for Bridal Boudoir Photography

Although they won’t be the focus of your lingerie photoshoot, accessories for bridal boudoir photography can have a large impact on your finished images. Our Houston boudoir photography experts have created this handy guide to help you accessorize for your bridal boudoir photoshoot.


Wear Your Wedding Jewelry

One of the most obvious, yet easily forgotten, accessories for bridal boudoir photography is your wedding jewelry! It may not always be possible to bring in, but showing your groom the ring you picked out together paired with your wedding night lingerie is a great way to have him running down the aisle to say “I do” to you!


Match Your Jewelry

Most brides are careful to match their gowns to their jewelry. Gold jewelry looks stunning with ivory dresses, and white dresses really helps silver and platinum sparkle. Why would your lingerie be any different? You may have found a beautiful lingerie set with silver hardware, but if your wedding jewelry is gold you may want to choose a different outfit for your bridal boudoir photography experience (or bring some silver jewelry to wear for some of your lingerie photos!)



Quality Over Quantity

As I have told thousands of clients, feel free to move in to our dressing room! Bring a suitcase! It is better to have it and not need it, instead of need it and not have it! However, when it comes to accessorizing for bridal boudoir photography, less is more. Instead of planning on using tons of little things, select a couple things that mean a lot to you. Accessories can add a personal touch, but make sure to avoid overwhelming yourself. You should be the focus of your bridal boudoir photos, not a pile of accessories.


A good rule of thumb is to pick a focal point. If you are wearing an elaborate or embellished lingerie set, opt for simple jewelry. If your bridal boudoir lingerie is simple, more elaborate statement jewelry will look phenomenal.



Bring Your Veil

The veil is a classic bridal accessory. Not only does it look good walking down the aisle, it looks absolutely stunning in bridal boudoir photos! We love layering a veil with beautiful lingerie and your garter to hint at how beautiful and sultry you will look after the wedding. Just like you match your veil to your dress, make sure to match your veil to your lingerie! Obviously this doesn’t apply to bridal boudoir photos where you are wearing only a veil, but if you are wearing lingerie and your veil make sure that they complement each other. If your veil is white, stick with white lingerie; a white veil can make cream lingerie look dingy. Veils with crystal sparkle are absolutely stunning, but layered over lace lingerie can make your images look over-cluttered.


If you don’t have your veil yet, we do have several options that you are welcome to borrow for your bridal boudoir photoshoot.



Wrap It Up

If you have read our past blogs, you know that we love robes in our Houston boudoir photography studio. Bridal robes are the perfect accessory for bridal boudoir photography. Not only will it keep you warm and cozy while your make-up and hair is done, they also look fabulous in bridal lingerie photos.


The Texas weather leads to many brides choosing to be married in the winter months. If you’re planning on wearing a coat or cardigan with your dress on your big day, bring it with you! Wearing nothing but a coat and lingerie will create images to drive him wild. Another popular cool-weather bridal accessory is a chiffon wrap. The wrap will keep you covered, while the sheerness of the chiffon offers sultry hints of skin.



Think Head To Toe

When packing your accessories for bridal boudoir photography, organization is key. Instead of just tossing things into a suitcase, try packing head-to-toe! What will you be wearing on your head: veil, comb, flower crown, fascinator, hair clips, etc? Earring? Necklace? Bracelet? Garter? Shoes? This will help keep you organized, and lessen the risk of anything being forgotten.



Be Yourself

When accessorizing for bridal boudoir photography, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself! If you don’t typically wear tons of jewelry, stick with simple pieces for your bridal lingerie photoshoot. Don’t feel obligated to conform to the images you see online or in magazines; be a sexy version of yourself! The person you are marrying loves you, not who you can turn into in a bridal boudoir photoshoot.


What are your favorite tips to help someone accessorize for bridal boudoir photography?



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