The Ladies Of Warwick Boudoir

Being a boudoir photographer is the best job in the world! Every day we get to show women that they are just as beautiful as those models we see on TV and in magazines.


Warwick Boudoir specializes in celebrating the beauty inside every woman.  We pride ourselves on being able to capture your personality and sensuality in a classy, intimate way. Combine a top notch boudoir photographer with a safe, relaxed, 3,300 square foot private boudoir photography studio, and you have us!


We will guide you through your whole session from outfits to posing, from facial expressions to jewelry. You don't have to worry about not knowing what to do; our stylist and boudoir photographer will take care of everything! Our goal is to give you images you are proud of, that you want to share with your friends, and that can remind you how truly stunning you are even when you are feeling down. Personally, we believe that the entire experience of getting all dolled up and shooting in our spacious studio is just as much fun as it is to see the images; we want you to remember the experience in a positive light, and we will do everything we can to make that happen. 


Our mission is to make boudoir and pinup photography accessible to ALL women, and for ladies to see their true beauty.  If you have questions give us a ring or shoot us an email so we can dispel all your fears and help you arrange the perfect photo shoot with our professional boudoir photographer and team.

-The Warwick Boudoir Team


Our Staff:

Sheryl Warwick: Owner and Lead Boudoir Photographer

sheryl warwick boudoir photographer professional boudoir photographer in houston

Though you may not recognize her without a camera in front of her face, Sheryl is the owner and lead photographer of Warwick Boudoir. Originally from Boston, Sheryl loves to fly. She has her commercial pilot's license as well as her skydiving license, and has jumped more than 1200 times. She has two dogs, Cessna and Capone, who occasionally make visits to the studio. If you have any questions about posing or have some ideas for your session, Sheryl is the one to ask. After all, she wasn't always a professional boudoir photographer; she was a teacher for years, so she excels in coaching and directing you into flattering poses.












Ashley: Photographer

staff pictures-2

Originally from Chicago, Ashley majored in Photography. After moving across the country several times, she settled in Houston and fell in love with boudoir photography. Trained in the Warwick Boudoir style but bringing her own flair, her images are consistently phenomonal. In her spare time Ashley enjoys making jewelry, customizing clothes, and making and eating pizza. If you have any questions about styling or how to make your own pad thai, Ashley is the go-to girl. 












Erin: Office Manager and Advertising Director

staff pictures

Occasionally referred to as "The Great And Powerful OZ", Erin is the person behind the computer, and typically the first member of the staff you meet. Always on the move, Erin is a marathon runner, an artcar artist, and an aerial dancer. She has a chihuahua named Sassy who loves to visit the office and has appeared in some of our pin-up photo sessions. If you have any outfit questions, need help being tied into a corset, or simply want to debate Marvel versus DC, Erin is your girl. While she may not be a boudoir photographer, she loves to pop in during sessions and try her hand at posing clients. 












Sandra: Senior Make-Up Artist

Warwick Boudoir Makeup artist

Our resident hair and make-up guru as well as stylist extraordinare, Sandra is the knowledge behind any and all of our beauty-themed Tips Thursday posts. A perpetually peppy and positive person, it is rare to see her without a smile on her face. A devoted mother of two, Sandra enjoys shopping, planning parties, and doing mud runs while attempting to stay as clean as possible. If you have any questions about a new make-up look or technique, Sandra is the go-to girl.