A Special Surprise and the Reaction – Client Spotlight – Miss M

The stunning Miss M came in for a sultry session to surprise her boyfriend with some sizzling images.

Miss M

Instead of opting for an album, she chose to purchase a custom app to show her special someone the end result.
Soon after she left the studio, this appeared in our inbox:
“I just wanted to let you know that I sent the mobile app to my boyfriend.  I didn’t tell him what it was, but just said I had something for him.  His response to me..
” Baby you are AWESOME!!!  The pictures are excellent and you are beautiful in all of them!!!  Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!!  I’m going to enjoy your photos everyday!!!!”
Thank you Sheryl for making my boyfriend happy with your wonderful talent!”
We had a wonderful time with Miss M, and we are so happy she chose to come to us.
If you are interested in surprising your special someone with an app he can take anywhere (that we can password protect, so don’t worry!) contact us to set up a complementary consultation or session.

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