Embarrassing Boudoir Questions Answered

Embarrassing boudoir questions are a normal part of a boudoir photography session. While boudoir photoshoots are fun, empowering, and exciting, they can also be slightly uncomfortable at first. After all, many ladies aren’t regularly in lingerie in front of strangers! While we aim to make your time with us as comfortable and carefree as possible, it can be awkward and embarrassing to ask certain questions of a near-stranger.


Here are 7 of the most popular embarrassing boudoir questions and their answers.


Question: I got my period. Can we still do my shoot?

Answer: Absolutely! However, we do recommend that you utilize a tampon or other internal device to prevent the bulkiness of a pad showing and the possibility of leaking. After all, we will have you in some very strange positions! If your session does fall during that time of the month, make sure to be extra careful to avoid eating salt as it can create added bloat. Also, make sure to drink lots and lots of water to avoid breakouts or dull skin.  This shouldn’t be on a list of embarrassing boudoir questions; our entire staff is composed of females, so we all have experience with Aunt Flo. If you let us know ahead of time we will make sure to have some chocolate and midol at the ready!


Question: How much personal grooming do most people do?

I have heard so many embarrassing boudoir questions on this topic! When I first started working at Warwick Boudoir Photography it was as embarrassing for me as it is for you. Now it is a normal thing to be asked.

Answer: This is completely a matter of personal choice and varies from person to person. Some ladies choose to be completely bare, others have a landing strip, while others go au natural. If you are planning on rocking lots of low-rise lingerie, you may want to try them on and see if any hair is visible. If it is (and that bothers you) you may want to consider removing it. Our staff isn’t here to judge you, so we are okay with whatever look you so choose.


Question: I don’t want any “down-there” hair during my shoot. How should I remove it?

Answer: With so many hair removal options, this is a great question! Our studio recommends waxing. Not only does it last longer than shaving, it also avoids razor bumps and the risk of you cutting yourself! If you choose to wax, we recommend doing so at least 72 hours before your photography session. After that period all of the irritation and tenderness should be gone, so you will feel confident! We recommend Just Wax It for all of your waxing needs. Their professional staff offers a private, safe environment where they made a process that could be excruciating be as painless as possible. Bonus: tell them you are waxing for a session with us and you will receive a discount! Please note that we will not Photoshop or otherwise digitally alter your pubic hair. If you would like to be bare down there, please either remove it yourself or have it removed prior to your session.


Question: I have weird nipples. Can you fix them?

Okay, so nipples aren’t the weirdest body part we have been asked embarrassing boudoir questions about, but they are one of the most popular.

Answer: While we are open to topless and bare-breasted images, if you aren’t super keen on the appearance of your nipples or aerolas we can do topless yet covered images. Think long hair or pearls leaving most of the breast exposed, but covering the nipple. As for “fixing” body parts; if you’re concerned about a certain area, your best bet is to find lingerie that covers it. If you aren’t a fan of your nipples, look for pieces that cover them. If you don’t like your stomach, look for high-waisted panties, garter belts, or teddies. We Photoshop each image to enhance them, not to alter you and your body.


Question: Will you see my vagina?

Answer: Not intentionally. Our studio policy is not to photograph genitalia. However, the smaller the lingerie, the more likely that it will slip, slide, or shift into a position that exposes you. If this happens, we will have you adjust before we continue. We will not retouch or show you any images that reveal your genitals, whether intentionally or unintentionally.


Question: I had a procedure and it didn’t go as planned; now I am uneven/scarred/unhappy. Can you fix it in the images?

Answer: These types of embarrassing boudoir questions are difficult for me to answer as it varies on a case by case basis. Our entire staff is trained to help you look and feel your best through posing, lighting, and gentle digital retouching. We will do our best to pose you in ways that help disguise the areas you’re not so fond of and enhance the areas you are. However, we need your help as well. If you’re concerned about a large scar on your abdomen, don’t bring only bra and panty sets. If you have uneven breasts, make sure to pick lingerie pieces that have cups and support to help even them out. If you are concerned about something like this, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation where we will discuss this more in depth.


Question: My significant other likes it when I am dominant/submissive. Can I bring a mask/whip/etc?

With 50 Shades of Grey being so popular, I am surprised that people think this falls into the category of embarrassing boudoir questions!

Answer: At Warwick Boudoir we do not judge our clients for their sexual orientation or preferences as long as everyone is consenting adults. We have done boudoir photo sessions with whips, masks, and even some light bondage. However, our photographers reserve the right to immediately stop a session that is making them uncomfortable. You are welcome to bring your ideas and requests to the attention of our manager or photographer; we will let you know if we are able to accommodate your request. 99% of the time the answer is yes; we want to make sure you love your images, but we also want to make sure we are comfortable and capable of delivering what you are requesting.


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