5 Easy Accessories For Boho Boudoir Photography

Boho chic boudoir photos have been all the rage lately and we love it! If you want to embrace the fall season with some boho boudoir photography, try these 5 easy pieces to get the look without overwhelming your wallet and your photos.



Although the headpieces we typically see in our Houston boudoir photography studio are veils, headbands are the perfect way to get boho chic boudoir photos. To get a boho boudoir look, the headbands are typically worn almost horizontally across the forehead, over the hair. While this gives a fun look, it can muss your hair, so we may want to end your lingerie photoshoot with your boho boudoir look.


When looking for the perfect boho headband, make sure to pick one that is not too thick as it can give the appearance of a receding hairline and overwhelm your images.


The most popular material we see in boho boudoir headbands is leather. Leather headbands are fun; they can be single strands, multiple strands, loose, braided, woven, the possibilities are endless!
Lace Robes

Clearly I can’t stop writing about lace robes, but I absolutely love them! They are sexy, sheer, romantic, and perfect for boho boudoir. For a boho chic look, avoid harsh colors; white can be very stark, black and navy are a little deep, and red can be overly bold. For a soft boho chic look, try a cream lace robe. For a playful look, coral is fun and looks amazing on most skin tones. If you’re not comfortable wearing only a lace robe, complementary lingerie or a bodysuit under the lace will look stunning while staying in your comfort level.


Sheer Pieces

Much like lace robes, sheer pieces are perfect for boho boudoir. They are sexy, beautiful, romantic, and allow you to be covered and comfortable while still showing skin. A sheer dress is ethereal and stunning, and will showcase an hourglass figure. Sheer tops can be worn with a bra for a more conservative look, or without a bra to give a bit more exposure while maintaining mystery.


Flower/Metal Crowns

After seeing our boho chic outdoor boudoir photoshoot, lots of ladies have requested to borrow the flower crown we used for their lingerie photos. While it is stunning, it gives a very stylized, romantic look. If you want a dark, smokey eye, a flower crown may not be the best choice. Flower crowns look gorgeous on boho brides, but they can often lead to messy hair!


Fringe Shoes

While high heels are recommended for every boudoir photoshoot, boho boudoir is a little bit different. Instead of sticking with the traditional black stilettos, try some fringed boots or booties! Knee-high flat brown fringe boots look amazing with tan skin and bright lingerie, and some fringed stilettos make your legs look longer and more toned, and adds an unexpected, striking sex appeal to your boho boudoir photos. Booties are not only on trend, they are unique and can add a fun, flirty feel to your photos.


What accessories would you use for boho boudoir photography?


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