20 Ways To Heat Up This Winter

The weather outside is frightful, but inside can be delightful. With it being so cold, the last thing you want to do is strip down to your goosebumps. Instead of keeping everything closed up tight, heat things up with these 20 tips.

Weather the Cold with these 20 Tips

1. Jump into the hot tub. Relax with a glass of champagne “just because” and see where the night takes you. If you don’t have a hot tub, try a warm jacuzzi or bubble bath instead.
2. Try a hot yoga class. Whether you’re sweating from the exercise or embarrassment, you’ll soon be feeling a little more body confident after this workout.
3. Slather on some body butter. It’s cold outside and your skin can use the extra moisture to leave it looking and feeling beautiful.
4. Order some spicy food. Explore your palette and see just how much you can handle.
5. Book a vacation! Why not get away to warmer climates in the winter months or plan it ahead of time for the summer.
6. Toss your sheets in the dryer and snuggle in with your significant other.
7. Get a group of fun and bold friends together for a fun game night.
8. What is more romantic than sitting by the fireplace and enjoying each other’s company?
9. Go to Barnes and Noble and find “The Snuggie Sutra.” Just do it.
10. Have some fun summer inspired cocktails like “Sex on the Beach.”
11. Take a drive with the heat blasting in your car, two cups of hot cocoa, and driving around looking at the holiday lights.
12. Give each other a hot oil massage. That’s a sure fire way to heat things up!
13. Schedule some boudoir photos to really get him sweating.
14. Carry a sprig of mistletoe around the house with you.
15. Take a cooking class together and heat things up in the kitchen.
16. January 6th is National Cuddle Up Day. Take advantage of this day and watch a fun movie together.
17. Have a fun active date like going indoor rock climbing.
18. Snowball fight!
19. Go shopping together. Pick out some outfits you think would make each other look irresistible.
20. Remember nothing will warm you up like a little body heat!!!

What sexy ways do you like to keep warm in the winter?

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  1. Nicolas says:

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    • sheryl says:

      Hi Heather,

      Thank you for contacting Warwick Boudoir! Unfortunately we don’t typically offer boudoir marathons; we prefer to focus on individualized boudoir photography sessions for a more personalized, individual experience.

      If you would like to book a session with us, please feel free to contact me at info(at) so we can chat about your ideal experience.

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