10 Sexy Lingerie Alternatives

I love lingerie. I really do. I think it is so much fun! I love the sparkles, the lace, the sex appeal, and the glamour of it. However, I only love it on other people. When I put it on I feel more silly than sexy. Instead of traditional lingerie, I prefer lingerie alternatives.


As it turns out, lots of our clients coming in for their Houston boudoir photography sessions feel the same way I do. Many of them worry that their boudoir photos will turn out in one of two ways:

1. They will be sexy and lingerie-clad, but won’t feel “authentic” or true to their personality


2. They will be true to their personality, but won’t be sexy at all.


I say: Why choose? Can’t you be true to your personality and sexy? Here is a list of 10 super sexy lingerie alternatives.


10. Too-Big Button-Up Shirt (bonus sexy points if it is his!)

Not only are they universally flattering, they are also super sexy! He will love seeing you in his shirt, and every time he wears that particular one to work he will be reminded of how smoking hot you are. The best part? We can adjust the shirt to conceal any areas you are concerned about, or to reveal as little (or as much!) as you would like.



9. Robe (bonus sexy points for silk or satin!)

Ever caught him peeking at you right after you get out of the shower while you’re only wearing a robe? The hint that you are naked underneath your robe with nothing but a ribbon keeping you covered is unbelievably sexy. Much like the button-up shirt, a robe can be manipulated into covering as much or as little as you want. For those ladies interested in a bridal boudoir session, a white robe with blue trim or a robe with rhinestones spelling “Bride” make perfect lingerie alternatives. They are even better when you consider he can get a look at it on you firsthand!



8. Sweater

Although sweaters usually imply a covered, warm look, they are incredibly versatile. Instead of picturing someone all bundled up, imagine someone wearing nothing but a soft sweater. If you are a bit more conservative, a bare shoulder is still very alluring. For those who want a more risque look, try a loose-weave sweater. Those peeks of skin will drive any man wild, making it a perfect lingerie alternative.



7. T-Shirt and Panties

This is the route I chose to go during my boudoir session. Pick a snug shirt that showcases your curves, ideally with a v-neck or a scoop-neck to give a hint of cleavage. Make sure it stops at your hips so you can show off your cute panties! The best part about this is that you can opt for a shirt that really captures your personality. I chose a Batman shirt, but you can wear anything (a plain tee, a college shirt, concert tee, etc). We have had ladies bring in shirts that they customized with strategically placed cuts, rips, and tears to wear during their sessions. The possibilities are endless!


6. Jersey

This is one of our most popular (and favorite!) looks! Jerseys are comfortable, colorful, and customizable! While you can choose to show your stomach or not, you won’t feel restricted and the bagginess of the jersey makes your waist look even tinier. The team colors add some nice pops of color to your session, and they allow you to show your love for his (or your!) favorite team.



5. White tank top and panties

Okay, so panties may be a little close to lingerie in a post about lingerie alternatives. However, I am not talking about frilly, lacy, barely-there underwear. Rock YOUR favorite panties. Love bikini cut bottoms? Wear those! Are you a boyshorts kind of girl? Bring them in! There are tons of options. This look is very girl-next-door sexy, so just be yourself. He will love it, I promise.


4. Sheer top/dress/etc

You know that amazing sheer top that you love but always wear with a cami underneath? Bring the top but leave the cami at home. Sheer tops are the perfect lingerie alternative because they showcase your body, yet still provide enough coverage to make you feel comfortable and to tease him with the promise of more. Bonus: every time you wear that piece of clothing he will remember how amazingly beautiful and sexy you are.



3. Jewelry

Almost everyone has seen Kim K.’s famous pearl picture, and lots of people love it. Your guy would love to see you in nothing but pearls, (bonus sexy points for wearing jewelry he gave you!) and most ladies love the classy feel pearls bring to their images. If you’re not comfortable baring it all, we can do sweet yet sexy images like the one above.


2. Panties and a prop

Okay, so I’m back to panties in a post about lingerie alternatives. However, this is one of the most popular photos people request: one with a prop! We have had items from footballs to lightsabers, crossbows to cellos. We even had someone bring in a tire once. And you know what? They all looked amazing! Props are the best way to personalize your Houston boudoir session. Although we will spend most of your session focused on you, we love to end with a fun, lighthearted series of images. These images are usually among our client’s favorite images of themselves!


1. Nothing!

Okay, so this is a little bit more risque than lingerie. However, lately we have had several clients request Fine Art Nude images and we love them! The best part of these images? You don’t actually have to be nude! We use posing and lighting to achieve an implied nude look if you are uncomfortable baring it all in front of our staff. Not only will he love seeing you wearing his favorite outfit (nothing!), these images create an artistic look that our clients love. Although we don’t typically advertise our implied nude photography sessions, we are so excited to see that the interest in them is growing.



To show off your favorite lingerie or lingerie alternative, contact us at  to schedule a complimentary consultation or to book your session.



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